Update by user Oct 30, 2012

On a score of A+ - F appears that Re-bath of Cincinnati has an F with the Better Business Bureau - need I say any more.

Update by user Oct 24, 2012

So much for Rebath keeping their word and their life time warranty. What a joke they are!

I had my tile re-glazed about a year before I had Custom re-bath of Cincinnati install the tub insert. And to this day the tile looks 100% better than the tub and has stood up all these years (from about 2002).

If you have a choice to do the re-glazing or install the insert - go with the re-glaze. Very nice work and don\'t waste your money!

Update by user Sep 18, 2012

Corporate office contacted me in regards to my posting several weeks ago and thought that we could come to an agreement. They were to contact Jim to have him work with me on those terms. To this day Jim has yet to contact me to work out a solution to this issue.

Original review posted by user Aug 18, 2012

Called over 4 weeks ago to have someone come out and look at the tub - took a whole week to supposedly get on their service board. Finally got an appointment and Jim was suppose to meet me on a Monday at noon.

Never showed up, called and got he had another service call he had to take care of. Don't you think if you have an appointment you have an address and phone number just incase something comes up. Not once did he call to say he was going to be late. Every call with Jim - is very unprofessional and very rude, *** poor customer service and doesn't want to stand behind his product.

Infact when they put the vaniety in the bathroom years ago, they put a $75 vaniety in that warped in less than a week and charged $500. *** hats like this forget who makes their paychecks! I highly recommend not to use any of the Re-bath franchises they all sound like they don't stand behind their product. Who wants rude customer service and having to deal with the likes of JIM!

Let me not forget to mentioned that he also threatened me if I were to post anything negative about them, well this one is for you JIM - serve it up on a platter and EAT IT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Customer Care.

Location: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

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These guys earned their "Grade".


I worked at Corporate for 3 weeks, I can tell you that NOBODY there cares, they are too busy filing their nails, wondering what to order for lunch or listening to the radio. I had to send a strongly worded email to the president and the vp of the company with a threat of reporting them to the NLRB, when they failed to send me my final paycheck and I also gave an earful to a gentleman who called me and informed me he was doing an internal audit of the company. He got every word I had to say in...I hope Re-Bath goes out of business soon, too many people being screwed over.