I am very dissatisfied with the service and attitude of the owner of the Rebath store in my area. Upon ordering my bath liner I was shocked to learn I would have to wait nearly 3 months for the installation. With promises from the salesman that they usually arrive earlier than that I signed the paper and applied for the loan.

The date of the promised installation came and went and I waited a couple more weeks after that before I went in to the store to find out why I hadn't heard from anyone. The owner, Nick Falletta, was very unhelpful and made lots of excuses and said he had no idea why the tub was not here and said he could contact the factory but said they usually don't answer him. It was a very strange encounter and he seemed very defensive and kept talking around in circles and not answering my questions directly. He felt sure there was a problem at the factory and promised I would have the liner soon and made a date for installation in about 2 more weeks. He said he was sure the liner was on its way.

The day of that appointment came and went and I heard from no one and no one came that day. A few days later they called me to say my liner was here and would I like to set up an appointment. It was like they hadn't even known about the appointment I already had. The lady was very glib and just said well let's schedule it now. I did get an appointment within a few days. The installers were polite and prompt and when I asked them if I needed to remove the shower curtain for them they said no they would do all the work and put the bathroom back together when they left. I went to work and left them to finish the job. When I arrived home they left my shower curtain on the floor balled up and had broken my rod and one of the curtain rings and not put it back up. The caulking around the edge of the tub was uneven too.

I called the next day and they sent someone out the next day. He arrived promptly and cleaned up a little spot on the edge of the tub and said the caulk was the best they could do. He said the rod was old and was not their fault it broke and it should be okay anyway. He said he could glue the ring piece but it would take awhile to warm up his glue gun. Not sure why he didn't plug the thing in when he got here but I had to go to work by the time he was done with all the other stuff so I couldn't wait anymore. When I told him I was still unhappy with the caulk job and wanted the owner to call me he said I could just call the owner myself. I really felt like I was getting the brush off and not getting taken seriously. I spent $1800 and felt like they had my money now and didn't care about my satisfaction or inconveniences and leaving my bathroom a mess to boot.

A week or so later I went in to the store to talk to Mr. Falletta and again he talked and talked and made excuses and made no attempt to satisfy my complaints except to offer to have another technician to check out the caulk but said the guy he sent out was the best he had. I declined that offer since I didn't feel he was sincere and was tired of messing with the company.

I will not refer REbath to any of my friends mostly because of the owner's cavalier attitude and ineptitude at being able to discover the reasons for my incredible delays in delivery and his excuses for his employees' poor performances.

Sue Brocker

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

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Mr. Falletta is totally dishonest in his comments above.

He says he sees no mention that they came out right away after the install. In the first sentence of the fourth paragraph above I most certainly did say that they came out the next day after I called. And he minimizes the 2 month delay of my installation and has no response about the neglect of my other complaints after the install.

I never told Mr.

Falletta that I would post any comments, positive or negative, anywhere whether he gave me a discount or not. I certainly did ask for a discount since the job was over 2 months delayed and the sealant looked horrible and they broke my curtain rod, and some of the curtain rings, and left a mess. And I did tell him that other reputable companies that I have dealt with that made mistakes were happy to give a discount or some other concession to make up for their error. But he refused a discount and said there was nothing wrong with their service or installation.

He never once explained about the sealant like he did above. And frankly I never complained about the function of the sealant. I'm sure it won't leak. But the job was done unevenly and looks bad.

He never came out to see it himself so I don't know how he can make an assessment about the appearance. The appearance, as well as the function, is very important to me and as you can see from Mr.

Falletta's response on the last line above that none of my complaints constitute a "real issue" to him. Cavalier attitude still is the best description I can think of.


We did have a delay in the receipt of Ms. Brocker tub liner and like her were not happy with that delay but as with anything special ordered it does happen.

Of course we did apologize and we did install her tub. When she called for service after the install we immediately returned to address her issues. (I see no mention of that in her post) What she did not like about the install was the way the sealant made its way into the existing ceramic tile grout lines where the tub liner met the wall. This was a tub only install.

A good install requires a positive seal where two products meet. Any deficiency of sealant would be cause for future issues. The sealant was in excellent condition and professionally done. When she came into our Design Center and spoke with me what Ms.

Brocker asked for was a discount and if we did not give a discount she was going to post negative reviews. She stated that others have done the same when she complained to them. Now it came to light what the complaint was all about and why she refused to understand why the sealant is done in such a way. This disclosed her agenda.

As she puts it my cavalier attitude is her perception of my not writing a check to her. I felt Ms.

Brocker was trying to leverage us but we do not allow that to happen. However as with our installs if she does have any real issues we will be there to assist as we have done previously.

Nick Falletta