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came into contact with ReBath through Home Depot, which is called Modern ReBath here. The designer lady Amy came to our house several times and made good impression with my wife. Amy requested for the plumber to come out, I informed him of the leaky pipes below, he said to replace them all. On the day of drafting a contract, Amy had a note pad, we downgraded from a steam shower and tile surround, to their ssp product for a new shower. Small shower with everything else extra. She put the basement plumbing into an allowance, I want to say $3000, she said that should be enough to fix everything. She also sold my wife on closet hanging rods and shelves for $1000 allowance. The total came to $41000 with new vanity, tub surround, and flooring and lights. She said it will take a little bit to put all that in a contract and I left. She then convinced my wife to sign a bareboned contract, claiming she will add all the detail from her notes in it. Amy said this will get us on the schedule sooner so my wife signed this contract with my name on the top. Amy promised her she will amend the contract with all the detail from her notes and send it to me in a day or two. 9 days later I recieved the same bareboned contract from a different email address. Not knowing their arrangement, I did not say anything. I did ask Amy before I left if we will get unused money in the allowance/contingency back, she said yes.

Now forward to present day. The person in charge on site is Hal, nice guy. When I asked, he seemed had no idea about the closet system, so I start asking. The next day Hal said there was a note but did not say much more. Second day the plumbers came, I noticed that night they did the bare minimum, not what I was told. I had the operational manager Jon on the phone and he said, sorry, the master plumber forgot to tell them, they will come and do the rest.The next day Jon called again at my work, saying they will only replace patched copper pipes, and only the leaky drain below the tub to pvc. I said OK, the leaky copper pipes are more of my concern.


That night the pipe below the toilet leaked, I had a hard time patching it, so I asked if the plumbers can come out earlier. Jon called me at work the next day and told me the plumbers are coming but for the rest, they will only repair the patched spots, not changing out the faulty pipes from 70s.

I started to email again and called out Amy to respond because she had been silent. I got Beth the GM instead, she said none of the leaky pipes are in the bareboned contract, therefore they will only quote me to pay more. She said Amy will email me to reference her notes to show me how these things are not included.By this time my wife emailed Amy and fearing her closet hanging system is in danger, Amy email back a price list we had never seen before. In the email she claimed she went over line by line, explained line by line for both of us and signed. She listed the ssp shower replacement at $12100 without shower door, hardware upgrade, niche, light above, and no plumbing allowance anywhere to be seen, definitely no closet system. I confronted Beth that we had not seen this agreement and we would never sign off a $12100 shower and not have faulty plumbing fixed.

Their position is that they will just follow the contract, no plumbing allowance, they do not offer closet system, and start to shield Amy. We have Home Depot reginal manager Regan involved, he suggested we have a walk through with Amy and go through the original notes line by line. Beth offers conference call only. I asked for a copy of the original notes, and a breakdown of this $12100 shower replacement item by item.

* Update: Beth said to redo all the copper lines for the bathroom, plumber quoted $2954, which is strangly close to the $3000 allowance I remembered. She said they will split the cost, I would consult my own plumber first. Her answer to the $12100 shower replacement is that to go over an existing shower is about $8000+, and since this is a brand new shower, so to do new plumbing is $4100. Sure we supposely were explained that and okayed it. *

*Update 2: Home Depot brokered a deal, drop in the bucket but not much choice is left. Yes, Rebath charged for $325 upgrade to brushed nickel shower hardware, and stick you with a $95 one. It is all about squeezing more money out of you.

I called ReBath national customer hotline, they said they are toothless with their franchises. They can ask, that is about it.

Yes, my wife should not have signed that contract and trusted Amy, shame on us. However, this bogus price list and false claim by Amy is now documented.

ReBath national customer service gal said it is a good idea for me to shout from the roof top, and encourage me to do so.

Do not sign anything without all the details written down, you have to keep your eyes on the ball all the time!

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