I do not complain but I wish I had seem this website before getting involved with Rebath or Home Depot.

They work for Home Depot and a company interested only in what they can sell and to h@@@ with the customer. They have such a reputation for poor after sale service that I did not find out about until after I had hired this firm. They are quick to collect your $$ and once they do, they do not return calls when corrections are requested. Just try to get a call back from these guys is impossible! My bathroom was completed in one day OK (big deal) but they left an awful mess in the house, the walls were misaligned, there was missed caulking and the bottom wasn't even level. The water pools in one corner. They even had the nerve to say that they can not understand why I am complaining about the problem since this was their best man. I suggest anyone contemplating a bathroom refit to get quotes from a reputable tile guy and forget about Re Bath and Home Depot. They are rip off artists who spend a ton of money on advertising then the h@@@ with the customer. I called Home Depot and they just passed me back to Rebath.

I am pissed and I am embarrassed.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I too had a terrible experience with Re-Bath through Home Depot. Yes, HD is only a conduit to Re-Bath.

They finance the job. Re-Bath is the one to complain to and that's a lesson in patience. I agree with Anonymous in that they are a franchised business and it depends on who's running the show. I used the one in Memphis Tn.

and they are the worst. I could have found just about anybody to do the same *** job for half the price & half the time. I spent almost $8500 for 2 bath semi-remodels which included 1 toilet, 1 surround, 1 tub/shower faucet, 1 shower door (small shower only) and, new vinyl tile floors in both bathrooms. What a fiasco!!!

I quit trying to get them to do it right and accepted what they gave me. I still to this day cuss when I walk past the main bathroom and see the imperfections in the floor. I had to actually tell them the screws were sticking up under the tiles, and this went on even with the "second" bathroom floor. It's like they do this all the time.

For some reason it didn't bother them. That's only part of the story. I could go on and on and on. For a job that contracted in Nov.

12th of 2018, started on Feb.11th 2019, and culminated on April 10th of 2019, they should pay me. Totally disrupting.

They should have been in and out in 3 days. Do not use Re-Bath Memphis!!!!!!


Re-Bath is a franchised business. Certain dealers do not operate their business very well.

I have been with Re-Bath in North Carolina for 10 years and we certainly have very satisfied clients. I cannot speak for other dealers. Its like McDonalds, some locations have great service and good hot food, others just should be out of business.

Home Depot runs the show, and they are only interested in the money. They just don't care.


thanks for the head up before I made a bad mistake of using these guys.


We can't get them back to do a simple repair so we just gave up on them. I wonder what the cost is of doing the job right or me telling everyone what *** they are.


Should have used Statewide.


Don't try to get a warranty problem fixed.


This company in Ventura, CA wanted $8000 to install their product. I can get an entire bathroom remodel for that price.

$8000!!! Get real! Save the 1.5 hour "PRESENTATION" Tell me what the price will be and get out the door.

I don't have time for your sales pitch. If I would have known I'd lose 1.5 hrs of my life, I would never have made the phone call.


Absolutely agree. Big waste of time.

I want my hour and 15 minutes back, too.

They quoted me a price over

$5,000 to replace a bathroom countertop with granite! It's a 10-foot counter!!!!


I had them put in new walls four years ago and we have a terrible problem with mill due


For years a local Rebath company showed a two inch thick binder of satisfied customers at their booth in Home Remodelling shows. I stood at the booth for over ten years and can't tell you how many people stopped to tell us what a wonderful job they had done in their home, how tarps were laid for walking across rugs leading to the bathroom and how neat the clean up was afterwards as well.


We had a bath remodeled 2 years ago and we are trying to find some one to take care of our problem


I took my dog in last week and he came out looking like they used hedge clippers on him avoid this company


Really Statewide Remodeling trying to act better? They did my bathroom, charged me twice as much as it was redone for and are about the rudest company around. What a joke.


I used a home depot card for the rebath job. After they screwed it up and refused to fix it I tried to cancel the charge on my Home Depot Card.


Never ever use their CC for anything. Are you are just double screwed


It appears that the property is in California and that the home improvement selling facialted a home improvement loan between the owner and a bank. Unlike the Rebath rep.

stated the Rebath agent is required to have a brokers license from the DRE in order to do this. Also, the bank seem is be an alien corporation in California. Contact the California Department of Real Estate, it is a simple form and they will response quickly.

It can be a simple matter of you recinding the contract. (You get all your money back.)

Rachael P

Hi, Same Here.

We're sorry to hear about your experience with Re-Bath of Oxnard, CA and would appreciate you contacting our Customer Service Department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154. with further details.

Rachael, on behalf of Re-Bath corporate office


I had the same experience with Rebath of Oxnard, CA. What an experience! Nothing went right.


Never, ever, ever have a bath remodel done by Home Depot . We should have known by the high pressure, misleading sales person that arrived at our home.

We had a simple shower remodel that was not good from the beginning. We had to have the entire thing redone by Home Depot, which turned into another nightmare. They do not do their own work, but contract it out to Rebath who sent the very same installation crew out again.

After talking to a number of people who do the same type of work, we were charged about double the standard industry rate. If I knew a way to try and get half my money back, I would try.


These websites make me crazy! Please do your homework before posting negative stuff against someone.

The Ft Myers Rebath is locally owned and operated by a father and son, who live and work in SW Florida.

The products are good and the guys are honorable. You can count a good job, excellent service and a follow up that you can count on.


Try being reasonable with the company. They are NOT out any money and do not deserve to keep the deposit.

In Texas, a deposit for a construction project is to be keep in escrow for the work. Call the DA. It is not earned income by the contractor. If that does not work the worst thing for a remodeling contractor is to have a customer who they know will be a bad child.

Let them install it, then find everything wrong with it.

No one does a perfect job nor can they ever do a perfect job, you can give them enough *** and then sue them for the *** job that you will get your money back. Learn to work the game like they have learned to work the game on you and your will come out ahead.