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From start to finish there has been nothing but problems with Re-bath. We saw their demo trailer out in front of home depot and went in and talk to the sales person and she took our names and said that she would call us to set up an appointment for an estimate.

That was a Saturday and we do not hear anything Monday or Tuesday so I called and there we sub sommissione knew nothing about are talking to their sales person. We schedule an appointment. The sales man came out and said that the cost would be nowhere near what we paid for our trexs deck or our quorts countertop. The cost end up being $1500 more than we paid for our countertop which was about $8000.

He made this comment before he even did his sales pitch and showed us the product and we made choices. Idiot! He wrote up the contract and checked off all the things that would be included in the shower remodel. He then said they require at least half of the payment out front.

The wife wrote a check out for that amount and when she brought it down to him he said " I am sorry I put in the full amount". So the white road out another check for the full amount and I'm sure this was a mistake. We were told they were 8 weeks out so we planned for that time.

We had 72 hours to cancel the contract. Roughly about 2 weeks later the receptionist at re bath called us to tell us the salesman needed to come out and make some changes.

He came out and told us that they could not do the bench and the back as it needed to be supported on all 3 sides but could do a corner bench and that would save us a few 100 and then he further said did we still want use the same color of the walls in the shower pan? If we changed it to white it would save us a few $100 as well and if we raise the threshold to the typical height it would also save us a few $100. The wife and I both said yes to all these. The salesman got on his laptop and made some calculations and came back and said when they came out to do the job we would owe them an additional $210.

I said what happened to all the hundreds of dollars that we were going to be saving. He said he noticed I forgot to add the magnetic shower head and the to grab rails in the original contract. After he left we looked at the original contract as I knew they were already in the original contract and sure enough they were. The next day we called him and put him on speaker phone and told him about what we found and he said he would just take it off his commission.

Obviously we were thinking something really stinks here. We got a call the Friday before the Monday they were supposed to come out and start the removal of the old shower stall and install the new one, and told to be ready for them between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning. That weekend on Saturday my mother passed away in our home. Sunday evening I remove the shower curtain and rod we have been using for the pass of a month and the plumbing fixtures so that it would go faster for them.

I removed all toiletries soaps and shampoos there was absolutely nothing in the shower enclosure. Monday around 6:00 a.m. we get a call from the general manager of rebel telling us that 1 of their crew had to go in to the ER for something minor and that they would have to reschedule. We later got a call from the guy that does the scheduling to tell us that another person called in sick.

I of course was thinking don't they have contingency plans for this, people do get sick or unexpected things come up, I pretty well figured they one re scheduling anybody else. I of course was not happy. We were in the middle of dealing let the funeral home where mom was at and preparing to take mom 400 miles away to the mortuary where my father is at. We got a call later that day from rebath saying the earliest they could do it would be the 19th of November.

I told them no it needs to be earlier we were getting ready to leave and be gone for a few days to take mom to the mortuary. They came back saying the earliest they could do it would be the 15th a Friday. Again they said they would be here between 7:30 in the morning and 8:00 a.m. They did show up and about 2 and a 1/2 hours or so into the job the lead guy cut himself and asked for a bandage of which the wife gave him and then shortly there after I heard him on the phone with his boss and we were then informed that he could not continue with the job due to the injury to his hand.

Earlier we were told that they would be at our home between 730 and 8 and be wrapping up by 2:00 p.m. and at that point we had planned to leave to go to the funeral home and pick up my mom and get started on our way coming back to a finished shower install. We went ahead and left to go and pick my mom up and stayed at my brother's so we could begin the trip the next day as the funeral home was not open on the weekend to pick her up. While at my brother's I received a call from the general manager apologizing and saying with that the job would be done next Tuesday and completely ready to be used 100%.

I had already told them we would be out of town until Monday night as we were scheduled to bring mom at the receiving point at the mortuary at 9:45 a.m. Monday and would be leaving as quickly as possible to get back home. It was again a long drive all the way back home and we got home late that evening and re bath did show up between 730 and 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and got underway with the job and it was a different lead person.

They were here until 4:15 Tuesday afternoon. During the install they lead person managed to crack 8 Heil nearly shower Pan and claim it was due to not being supported underneath and it so happened I had to extra tiles. The installation of the floor tiles was done by a previous contractor or previous home owner. I found it interesting that it cracked given it is the very spot that the wife and I stand to get in-and-out of the shower and never once did it crack.

So while the shower has been installed along with a shower doors and the grab rails bench and shelves we are not able to use it for 24 hours and at that we had to be careful of how hot the water is against the walls to allow the cocking to completely cure and dry for the next several weeks. Besides having to come back to install the tile replacement, There is a trim piece that they did not have that goes around and above the shower enclosure that they need to install as well. I received a call today and was informed that they did not realize that the piece was ordered amongst their bulk order and that would not be until sometime late in December that they would receive that and they would reschedule for that then. Early on with all the problems I had told them there needed to be a compensation for all they have put us through.

To this day they have never a knowledge that. What they do say as how great of a job they did, and yes they apologized many times but that gets old. A part of apologizing is correcting mistakes and making good on it.

We were not going to have a shower install done but with my mom on hospice and the hospice aide coming out and bathing my mom we had to put in a portable chair bench for her to sit on in the shower so they aide could shower her. We decided to go ahead and see about having the shower enclosure replaced and having grab bars and a bench and called Lowes but found out they were no longer using contractors for home improvements inside a home.

We use them for our deck install and was not at all happy with the contractor and that he took 3 weeks to do what should have been done in no more than 2 to 3 days. He was coming out once or twice a week for an hour while doing another job. We were very happy with the contractors Precision countertops that do the work for home depot, we had no problems whatsoever with them. As for the workmanship and quality of the work done by re bath we will not know until we have used it over the coming weeks and years.

Given our experience we would never recommend them and wonder how it is they are still in business at least in this area. Our neighbors told us they had called them out for a bid and change their mind because their prices were way too high and we indeed agree.

We are still wondering what is it that makes the shower enclosure and doors worth $9,500.00. Yes there is a lifetime limited warranty and they make the claim to do the removal and install the same day and from what we seen just for the shower enclosure and nothing else installed in the bathroom, we don't know how that could ever be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Shower Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ReBath Pros: Quality of products, Appearance of product installed, Quality of the work performed.

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