I have an even worst case. I called Home Depot to redo a bathtub area for me and this company, Rebath, came by and showed me what they could do for me and I thought it sounded good.

He asked me if I wanted to use Home Depot credit and I said I would use my own credit card. He said something about it would make a difference on the paper work.

I was asleep one night and heard a crash. I found that my shower door had broken into thousands of pieces.

The bathtub liner, the shower walls, my new floor were also damaged. I of course called Home Depot about this the next morning expecting that they would want to check this out. After two more calls I found that they have no paperwork on me and I needed to talk to Rebath. Rebath said that it must have been something that I had done and they were not going to do anything.

I called my credit card company and protested the charges and they reversed all the charges off the card. I got a weak response from Rebath and that was the last I ever heard from them. I was ready to take them to small claims over this but I guess that they didn't want Home Depot to know that they were cheating them since I told Rebath that I was suing Home Depot also.

Lucky me, I had all that taken out and a new bathtub and tile installed.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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100% of these complaints are false. The product is an SSP so nothing can possible go wrong with it. The people who do complain just don't understand what they bought or think they should get it for nothing.



Rachael P

Hi, Home Depot Warranty.

We're sorry to hear this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. We would like to discuss your product issues and help find a resolution. Please contact Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154. We'll make sure to address your issue immediately.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Rachael, on behalf of Re-Bath corporate office


I called them just this morning about the work Rebath did six months ago and they referred me back to Rebath. Rebath installed their shower walls around my bathtub and three weeks ago one of the walls buldged out.

The Rebath man came by and told me it was my tile that they glued the Rebath walls onto had came loose behind the wall not their wall that came loose.

A really carzy thought that I assume would suppose to pacify me. We just wasted our money.


Fats, HD takes 15% if its run through them. The ReBath dealer didn't want to pay that nut cause he makes like five bucks on the deal, that's why they slid it off the HD book.

Aimee, really, ReBath is putting in tile?


Aimee, yes I am enjoying my new bathroom very much but no thank to Rebath who wasted three months of my life and the extreme trouble in having to deal with them. I will not recommend them to anyone and anyone who thinks about using them should be aware of the treatment they can expect.

They have no reguard for the customer at all. I very lucky that the time had not elasped to cancel those charges on my credit card or I would have had to go to court with them and burn more of my time when all I wanted was a new bathroom. I am not even a picky person or I would have raised *** over the poor workmanship when they first put it in.

The tile man told me that most of his business is in replacing Rebath's work. :upset



This is Aimee of Re-Bath. I am sorry to learn that you are unhappy with the way your concerns regarding the damaged shower door and liner were addressed.

We do hope to provide all customers with a positive experience, and take it very seriously when it is otherwise. I do see that you now have new tub and tile, and I sincerely hope that you are enjoying them.