I purchased an apartment with a rebath. I had no idea as a first time owner.

It bounces and needs to be refitted; they will come when they some jobs in my area. Baloney. I want to removed it and have normal bathroom. So, I can imagine that it my cost be a ton of money.

I hope that once it is removed I can find a good contractor to do my bathroom.

In the meantime; I will feel like I am bouncing on a trapoline. Anybody have the same problem and end up with good results without it costing alot of digits?

Location: Woodside, New York

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Are you sure this is ReBath. We've had ReBath installed a new tub/shower two years ago.

It is solid as a rock.

It sounds like our old fiberglass unit or a knockoff of ReBath. Best of luck :?


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