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Hired this company to re-do our master shower. They took out our insert that was built with the home and put in their so-called highest quality shell with the highest quality fixtures. Although the final result was adequate and we had no real complaints at the time and the fact that because our area was experiencing a huge construction boom, getting anyone to do a simple bathroom remodel was very difficult. I felt the products that they used were sub-par and for the price we really should have had a much cleaner finished product with much higher quality fixtures but because it took them almost 4 days to complete the job (vs. their 1 day guarantee) it was nice just to get them out of our home.

Let's then move on to less than a year later - We decided that our upstairs bathroom needed a redoing and because we were prior customers, were told that we would get the deal of a lifetime. Boy, did we ever. Overpaid by approx. 20% come to find out and the job was never completed properly. In summary: 1.) They tried to cover old linoleum flooring with new and when they got caught, they tried to tell us that they could not rip out the old because of asbestos. Really? A home that was built in 2004 has asbestos? They also did not clean up stuff on old flooring so when you walked on new, there were bumps everywhere. 2.) I asked if they could take out a door that was put in btwn wash area and shower area and widen the opening. They said sure. The guy that came out had never done this before and he had to call a relative to come help. It turned out very bad and I had to go a different route to fix. Because of the damage done, it still doesn't look right to this day. 3.) When they put trim back on, they didn't re-nail. Not even put nails in the old holes? Just kinda leaned the pieces back up against the walls. 4.) They didn't seal the new tub btwn tub and floor. Left it exposed. 5.) They used DRYWALL screws inside the shower area on the fixtures. After 3 days of use, all the hardware started to look like blood was running down everywhere. The screws had rusted!

Here's the kicker. I called the owner of our local franchise. He came out and admitted that it was a very bad job and he DID apologize. He DID send someone else out to do fixes but all the issues were already done so the new guy put bandaids everywhere he could. He even apologized. What really got me though was that I spoke to the owners wife (when I could actually speak with someone as they were always hoping on planes to Mexico or some tropical place for vacations!) she said this to me:

"Thank you sir. Thank you for letting me know the type of customer we DON'T want to take on!" My reply to her was simply "What do you mean? The type that hired you for 2 jobs instead of one? The type that pays you in cash? The type that was dumb enough to refer you to someone I know? That type?" She said a few choice words and hung up.

The reason I am writing this review is because this company is horrible. They don't provide quality anything. They have done similar things to people I know and I encourage everyone I meet to write a review if they have been done wrong or to tell folks to stay away from them. I am shocked that they still operate! As a small business owner myself, I am amazed at their lack of service, lack of quality anything, lack of even caring if they make a customer happy. I also wrote a review on Rippoff.com that they have yet to even rebuttal because they know what I state is true. All this took place several years ago but when I can, I keep the complaint chain going because of what they cost me and the fact that their first job, the Master bath?.. Remember that guy? Well, everything is now coming apart after less than 4 years of use! It's bad folks.. just bad. Looking forward to this coming year because if history proves true, the upstairs will start falling apart right on schedule.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

ReBath Cons: Very very bad experience.

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