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After waiting 24 hours to use my new shower, I had a leak. Rebath came and "caulked" the leak. When bathing, I realized my shower head, faucet and handles were not installed evenly. (This was a $5500 job, just for bathtub!) they had to come back out and take the wall completely out and re-do the job. Guess what? Tried to shower yesterday and another leak!! Down my walls and in my closet! So what now!? They are "promising" to fix it. Again?? I just want to wash my hands of rebath and I would love to be compensated for my time and hassle. I have to have someone home every time they come out and I have to clean up drywall, and dust all over my house each time. I have tried calling to speak to someone in charge and they are "out of town" really?? Everyone that can assist a disgruntled customer has left town? Maybe they should pick up their company paid for cell phone and assist me!
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At Re-Bath®, we strive for your bathroom remodel to go as smoothly as it possibly can, and sincerely regret any difficulties you are having with our product. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and aim to provide the best possible service.

I would appreciate for you to give our customer service representative a call at 480-844-1575 Ext. 170


They don't trained the franchiee on how to install as much as they train to sell. It like throwning mud on the wall some stick and some don't _(customer complain)

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