I have had my Re Bath job done approx 5 years ago.At the time the job was put in there was a mark on the new panel and the installing contractor tried to cover it up with white caulking. At the time he said he would replace the panel.

THAT NEW HAPPENED. Approx 5 years later now the caulking they installed is covered with mold.

I talked to the people from Re Bath Pittsburgh,Pa division and they will not stand behind there life time warranty. The office mgr said she would see that it was taken care of.Again that never happened.

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The lifetime warranty does not cover mold and mildew!! If you leave water standing in your shower area and don't clean that area often mold and mildew will grow.

The number 1 thing that mold and mildew need to start growing is moisture. ReBath has no control over the growth of mold nor does it have the control over how people choose to maintain their systems!


But what causes it BEHIND the caulking?? Same thing, moisture that is behind the caulking and probably behind the panels also.

I've got this problem and after 3 years re-bath still hasn't taken a panel out to find out even IF there is mold behind the panel. I would think they would want to know, but no response from them.

And yes, we do clean our shower thoroughly & regularly.


We get this type of complaint all the time, people will not clean their bathtub. When mold grows on all the soap *** that has accumulated it must be someone else's fault, not us who never clean anything.

I can guarantee when you remove the soap *** which you are too lazy to clean, you will find the caulk to be bright and clean. Grow up and stop blaming everyone else for you slovenliness.