Not to impressive. I see that a low wage clerk in charge of saying "I am so sorry, we will check into it." has a posting.

I hope no one is waiting for any results from this person. Except a form E-mail. I would be impressed if Dave Sanders the president or Norm Dixon VP of Rebath posted his telephone number with the intent of resolving problems but that will never happen. I have called Target and two days latter got a call from the president asking me what the problem was and now to resolve it.

That is the difference in a truly great company and this other off-brand company.

I think there is very few people I have talked to that I have not told the Target story, what could that be worth to a REAL company? It is worth nothing to Rebath.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Rebath *** D_ _ _

you bunch of crooked thieves!!


Your description of Hedi is too kind, she refers to herself as car racing diesel ***.

As for Sanders, this is not going to get his attention. He just sold the company and this is of no consquence; show up on his door step at three in the morning banging a drum and that will get his attention. Inquire about an event at OUS that frigthened him and you will get closer to understanding him.


Heidi is a legal compliance clerk for ReBath that sends out letters and other nonsense to franchisees that may or may not be meeting their franchise agreement. Typically, she is just a tool and not terribly bright. Aimee is

Dave Sanders is the CEO and one smug little ***. He's not very tall and takes a lot of credit for other peoples work. He's very thin skinned actually and gets his feelings hurt easily. Typical short man syndrome. He will definitely stab you in the back if he gets the chance even if you own a franchise. He's never sold 10 cents worth of anything but according to him he's sold 400 million in goods.

Supposedly, ReBath has an internet complaint manger now, but a couple thousand bucks to sign up and confront complaints is apparently too much while they jack up their franchisee costs for *** marketing scam stuff. Yoo Hoooo.


To Where is Aimee? and June North, I am eager to work with those individuals who have expressed frustration over a dissatisfactory experience.

As I cannot contact reviewers directly, I must rely on them to contact me by email (awilliams [@] rebath.com). For those who prefer to call to discuss their situation I can be reached at 480-844-1575.


I noticed that Aimee who usually "I just discovered your post and would be happy to look into the incident you refer to. Please email details to awilliams [@] rebath.com." Did not give out the President or VP telephone number or even her own about this subject. What does that tell you?

Norm Murdock is no longer the VP.


I VP name is Norm Murdock not Dixon. Good luck. We have had our dealings with him and with a clerk named Hedi.