Went to home depot, saw a nice display of a re-bath shower system with seat, sliding glass doors, nice fixtures, floor to ceiling acrylic, ceiling top acrylic. The acrylic was 12x12 tile with color of choice as well as for seat and shower base.

To R&R existing tub, provide new plumbing at the shower controls and shower head. The quote came to $9700 dollars and that was with a 10% supposed discount. I think the quality of the shower base and onyx seat was very good, heavy duty material. Was not impressed with the Acrylic sheets of tile.

The colors were nice to chose from and I do believe it would look great. I proceed to ask if they could provide a better price if i were to allow them to remodel the entire bathroom. The bathroom is not very big at all fyi, less than 35 square feet. OK, strap yourself in for this...

$21,178 with a supposed 10% discount, $19,056. To boot, they would want me to do some of the work and they said they would only cut the sheet rock halfway down and replace the bottoms with new sheet rock. I said, I thought you were quoting me for a complete bathroom demo / replacement. He said they are not really sheet rockers, their plumbers.

They don't like to do taping and Spackle. LOL... So, why advertise if you don't do that. oh, didn't want to paint either???

Yet, after we were helped. The designer did spend a lot of time with us and he was a nice man. But, the man wouldn't budge on the prices even if I would do the tear out of the Sheetrock and existing wall tile. He told me they would have it out in a half an hour...I was blown away when I saw where it clearly lists "optional work" they could provide, which included painting, Sheetrock and Spackle.

There were many options covering anything you could think of to complete your bathroom. We were disappointed as we did like the quality of their Shower Base which was called Onix, we picked the Gun Powder color for base and seat and they Gray Emperador Acrylic Wall Surround. All hardware was brushed nickle including the shower doors. The designer was very knowledgeable, spent a lot of time with us and we definitely appreciated it.

But, these prices are way out of wack and the wall covering is not even real ceramic tile! It is just a section of Plastic like material called Acrylic. I asked if they could do any better on the pricing and he said he already gave me 10% off. If you do your homework, you can do the bathroom yourself with help for under $5K, even if it were 7K you would be doing good on my size bathroom.

I understand they need to make some money. I think a more reasonable price to do the shower only replacement would be somewhere between 3-5K and $10-$15K for the complete demo and replacement of the entire bathroom.

I would have gone with them if their pricing was more practical and affordable. They must be making a killing on these quick bathrom replacements.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Bathroom Remodeling Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Had an estimate done from rebath, it was ridiculous, the quote they gave me was almost 4 times higher than what it actually cost me to have a general contractor come in and do the same thing.


Same as my experience in Dallas