march 7,2007, estimator came out to measure and provide estimate of the job. we accepted and april 25 2007 the work was done. one day like they said, 10 hours, messy work, I had to clean up after the tech. Caulking was messy, and the overflow area had small cracks in the acrylic. We just excepted the workmanship and continued to use the tub. UNTIL recently 11/22/2009 two years later, I to call the office. MY tub leaks. with less the 6 inches of water in it. My whole ceiling in the down stairs laundry room sagged and we needed to cut it away. I filled the tub again less then 6 inches and in the back left hand corner of the tub it just drips right out. no where near the overflow and drain pipe.

We called the company and this man named Mike who said he owns the company and tells us that it is is not his problem, it is caused by my wall tile leaking? Without even looking at the work that his company did! Then he tells me that we only have a year labor warranty and it will cost almost as much as what we first paid to fix the problem IF THEY determine it is a problem with the product. With all of the complaints, they have against them I will probably have a fight on my hands to try to get them to do anything. . I will keep you posted as to what happens.

Has anybody thought of a class action lawsuit, because they do not back their product's "lifetime" warranty? Next stop is the contractor's board and small claims but why should I have to do any of this if they were a real company.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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As a proper shop, I do not think it is a good value


Pac Coast Rebath actually goes above and beyond for most customers. Unfortunately there are always a handful of customers whom dont understand what they have actually ordered.

Many people whom complain here ironically have outstanding balances owed and dont seem to understand yiu have to pay the balance agreed to on your contract regardless of whether you like what you chose.

A few complaints out of thousands of installs is actually a great rate of sucess.


Found them on-line and was needing a tub to shower conversion for my 83-year old father. House is only six years old, the tub is a steel bathtub and white cultured marble tub surround.

Rebath quoted us $7100--NO WAY!! Don't know if anyone has done work in Oxnard with these people, I saw their prices--we could do better by half as much.

Sorry Rebath, no sale here! Should have let us know up front and you did not have to waste your time and ours.


These custimers just sicken me with theur complaints. I work late every day just to take care of their "so called" problems.

Read the warranty people.

It does not cover everything that can ever go wrong with your bath. Take some responsibility, things wears out and things take mantaince.

Rachael P

Hi, Richie.

We understand your frustration and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Enerband handles all loans independetly but we will be sure to forward this post to them to ensure they are made aware.

Rachael, on behalf of Re-Bath corporate office.


With the holidays coming we thought we would get the problem fixed. Well, the service man remove the drain and used a large screwdriver to wedge between the old bathtub and the Rebath and drained out about a cup of water.

I ask him if that would fix it and he said "NO, all liner fill up with water." He says he does several a week.

He said think about it even the smallest amount of water, a few drops that get between the two have no place to go so after a few weeks, you now own a water bed. That is something the salesman will never admit.


If you had called the company when you 1st noticed the crack, you would Never of been in that situation and it never would have gotten to that point and degree of water damage...if it was shotty work and you weren;t happy anyway; why would you settle? after all, that was an investment and waste of money otherwise.

Water ALWAYS finds cracks. it is almost like you were asking it. Read the warranty buddy- now try to say they have a bad warranty. it seems to me it really wasn;t there problem, was it?

Man up...its always easy to blame someone else for your negligence. (and it sounds to me like it was a bad installer, not product)


Pacific Coast Rebath has never been terminated by their corporate office. that is totally ridiculous to say something if you don;t even know it is true.

Plus, whoever does there research on a site that is strictly for Pissed of consumers is a totally ignorant, b/c what does that really prove? with a company that installs 1,000's of bathroom a year, you are bound to not be able to please everyone. And, with that many new happy customers compared to the...(what?)...three complaints here? that actually really isn't bad.

And who would complain about a company just b/c they quoted you something higher than you wanted to spend. Just b/c you don't find value in the product doesn't mean that it has anything to do with the company. And I understand the sealant problem...but, seriously? I swear too many people take such advantage of this company for that, always trying to get something free done out of it.

If you hired a contractor to install a bathroom, would you call him a year later to tell him the grout is ugly and needs to be redone? probably not. I had rebath installed in my bathroom back in 2006- and it STILL looks good.

B/c I cared to ask questions I learned that most of the sealing is done BEHIND the walls and is not all relying on that thin strip of the Sealant on the outside- that is really just for esthetics. Also- there is Still SOME maintance involved...the products dont mildew and mold; but SOAP *** does...anyway, I have been very please with my, and trust me, I had a small sealant issue too...but, I knew taht there was no way for them to test that before it dried, and I asked enough questions and READ THE WARRANTY with what it covers, and I was ok with waiting...I had a LIFETIME warranty- i really had nothing to worry about.


We had Re-Bath remodel our bathroom last year, and we applied for a loan half of the total amount of the job; it was $2300. Re-Bath had EnerBank give us a loan for $2300 with zero percent interest. So, we did go with the remodeling. At the start of the loan, we got a payment book with the dates and the amount to pay dated September 2011. The loan was done in September 2010, and we didn't get anything from them until December 2010.

I made the first payment of $500 on December 12, 2010, check number **. The next payment was January 7, 2011 for $300, check number **. Then the next payment was February 4, 2011 for $500, the check number **. Then on February 21, 2011 we made a payment for $500, check number **, and the last payment was on March 8th, 2011 for $500, check number **. If all payments will be added up, the total would be $2300. Mind you, during the time that we were making these payments, we received no email or snail mail from EnerBank. So, we figured since I can see it online and it shows that it's paid off, maybe it's already done. September 12, 2011, we got a letter from them stating that we owe them the account balance of $243.60. They want us to pay a monthly amount of $67.74. They said that the due date will be on July 7, 2014.

This is just crazy. Here's the letter that they sent us, "Our records indicate that you entered into a Same AS Cash loan agreement on September 7, 2010. After reviewing our records, it appears that we have not received the full principal balance on or before the same as cash due date of September 7, 2011. As stated in your note and disclosure, your loan is now a fixed rate installment loan that requires a minimum payment that is due every month as stated above. If you have any questions, please call our customer service department at 1-888-390-1220."


No is forcing you to buy, if it is not for you than there are other alternatives that could fit your needs. There is no need to file complaints about something you decided you did not want for some reason. Thanks.


We had them quote a job on our bathroom which was 4 times the other mans. I mentioned it to him and he said that the other company was not a franchise and didn't have RSSP, whatever that is.

I said no he was not a Franchise but has been a total contractor in the area for forty years, my mother used him 20 years ago, and he uses real tile. As I said goodbye and good luck, he said the 500 coupon could not be used if I changed my mind.

o told him that I don't think I will ever change my mind that he is a fool but thanks for the heads up. Chakra


Don't deal with these people. We had a small problem two weeks after we had our bathroom work.

They were rude ugly people. They should at least do the work right the right time. It was just a small area of caulk that needed repairing.

It had cracked and we were scared that water would leak behind the wall. My husband fixed it but for the money we spent it should have been done right.


I am an employee of Pacific Coast Rebath, and I ensure you that we are not out of business and we are servicing all of our service requests. I have tried to find the person who wrote this blog but no such customer exists. Please do not use this blog to reference this company as it is not accurate.


I called Re-bath of Los Angeles, Re-Bath of California in Long Beach and now Pacific Coast Re-bath, each of them is out of business. Who is supposed to give me warranty service?

A company in AZ! I wish I had never had anything to do with this company! It is just a fact if you purchase something because you think that it has a good warranty - DONT.

BUY a good product to start with, like a new bathtub. This quick fix was expensive.


Pacific Coast Rebath's franchise was terminated by Rebath, LLC


We were just about to call Rebath to give them the OK on going ahead with our job quote. I was not completely sold but my wife thought it was a good idea.

Now, after reading all these reports we will just put in a new tub.

That is the only sure fired way to get our money's worth. Thanks everyone.


Ito, I believe you posted this exact same complaint on another review site, and I also reached out to you there. Will you please email me at awilliams [@] rebath.com? I’d like to help you.