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On 4/19/2015 I was contacted by the next door neighbor of the rental property that we have in Jacksonville, Florida. She contacted me on behalf of the tenants and wanted me to know that there appears to be some sort of leak coming from the master bathroom shower area and it appears to be leaking into the wall in the master bathroom closet and the master bedroom closet and has leaked under the laminate flooring from under the wall. I received pictures which showed some mold and mildew forming and damage to the laminate flooring.

After getting off the phone with the tenants and next door neighbor, I contacted Re-bath who had installed the shower unit in 2009 to see if they could send a technician out to determine if there was a crack or something faulty causing the leaking which would be covered under warranty. I contacted the corporate office in Arizona and left them a message as it was Sunday. I was finally contacted back by them on Tuesday for further information and for me to send in my invoice information form when the shower system was installed. I was also able to get in contact with a local franchise re-bath dealer in the Jacksonville, Florida area and they proceed to get my information in order to send a technician out. They had planned to send out a technician on Tuesday afternoon but it never happened. I contacted them on Wednesday morning and they assured me someone was going out that afternoon. I then was called back saying that I need to pay a service fee for a technician to go out. I immediately got my credit card information and contacted them within 10 minutes to give them the information. After paying them, a technician was never sent out to assess the problem with the shower. I contacted them back on Thursday and kept getting the run around and talked to someone at the re-bath Jacksonville, Florida office who did not have any understanding of what was going on and that the person I needed to talk to was not in the office.

Thursday afternoon I contacted the corporate office in Arizona and left them a message stating that no one had been out to the house to assess the leaking in the shower even after I had paid the service fee for them to go out. During all this, I had also contacted my insurance company to start a claim to determine what if anything would be covered under damage if this was not a re-bath warranty item. I had also been in contact with my rental agency and they had sent a plumber out and the plumber had determine a gasket was never installed behind the Delta Faucet for the shower and this had been causing the leak but to determine further possible problems, the section of the damage wall areas would need to be removed to determine other potential problems.

I finally got in contact with the re-bath dealer in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday morning and they were sending someone out. Within 1 hour of the re-bath technician being out at the rental property he had determined that in fact there was never a gasket installed on the delta faucet by the previous re-bath technician in 2009. He stated that there should be a gasket installed and it seems there was never one installed. The technician documented the damages and took several pictures and notes documenting what it was going to take to get this resolved and to recommend this should be covered under warranty due to the technician failed to install a proper part which is required behind the faucet handle.

On Tuesday 4/28/2015, I contacted the re-bath dealer in Jacksonville, Florida to see if the corporate office had given an answer as to if they were going to fix the issue with the shower and what if anything they would do about the surrounding damages. They had not heard anything form them. I spent the rest of the week going back and forth with the re-bath office and Jacksonville, Florida and re-bath corporate in Arizona and still could never get an answer.

I continued my efforts the week of 5/4/2015 in contacting re-bath Jacksonville, Florida and re-bath Arizona and still never could get any answers on what if anything was going to be done about the problem with the shower. On Tuesday 5/5/2015, I contacted re-bath corporate in Arizona voicing my concern with this issue and how I have no received anything from the local Jacksonville, Florida re-bath dealer. Re-bath corporate contacted the owner of the franchise in Jacksonville, Florida and the owner was supposed to contact me that same day. I never got a phone call or was never contacted. On Wednesday I had had enough and made the determination that I had to start proceeding forward with repairs and determining any further damage. I contacted the rental agency and informed them to proceed forward with their contractors and plumbers to determine the issue and what repairs need to be made.

On Thursday, a stated certified plumber in Florida went out to the rental property and commenced assessing the problem. The plumber started cutting sections of the wall away which had to be cut away to access the damage and determine other problems and immediately it was determined that this was caused by more than just a missing gasket behind the faucet. It appears that the shower was never installed correctly from the beginning in 2009. To be more specific with some of the issues is that it appears that the stone/composite material used to build the base and wall of the shower was never installed properly and proper procedures were not followed. The base of the shower had been laid directly on top of the concrete slab with no shower pan installed under the base. The side panels were placed in at 90 degree angles to the base and caulked in place. With this method on installation there would be a 100% chance of leaking.

We paid over $6400.00 dollars to have this system installed by a certified re-bath dealer. All I keep getting from the re-bath corporate office is the run around and they keep saying that it does not lay on their responsibility due to the installer not installing the unit properly to begin with. They have informed me that the install warranty is only for 1 year. I have asked them over and over how can re-bath allow a certified technician to represent them and install a unit incorrectly and feel no type of responsibility for this.

I am now waiting on the plumber to give me a good thorough assessment of what it is going to take to fix this problem which will require the current shower being removed and a new one being installed. It is very heart wrenching and painful to know that there is a company who represents the Better Business Bureau and does this to customers and takes no type of responsibility for obvious issues.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $6400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ReBath Cons: Poor workmanship, Did not show up for appointment, Long time to resolve issue.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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As a former installation technician for Ambath/ReBath Corp. these were typical problems that Customers faced with their installers. Ambath/ReBath has a bad Reputation for Customer Service.

When it comes to Sales they are the Best.

If you are having problems go to the Top.

Ask for David Sanders, he is the Owner.

Good Luck.