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If I could get out of this contract I would in a minute.. Maybe Home Depot should reconsider their contract with ReBath. We have *** in our shower so we needed new tub surround, salesman came and we chose the one they had in stock so we could have it done...
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Problem with delivery
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Deliver product or service ordered


Promise the stars in the moon and didnt preform. Andy showed up from rebath who was a PROFECHINAL lier. Heres the deal heres how it works:Andy tells you he could put in a handy capped shower or bath within 2 bisness days. Price averages is about $7000.00 dollars and wants $2000.00 down and then he has ur money and know ur at his mersy. You will get ur *** bathroom next never *** day. This is a fraud and this a scam. Contact better bisness burall. SCAMM!!! SCAMM !!!!!SCAMM SCAMM SCAMM SCAM SCAMM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAMMMMMM
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Customers just hear what they want to hear. They get their wishful thinking confused with reality.

Even when it is all written down, they want to argue that the salesman said something different. Tell them to man up and take responsibility for their decisions.


If you don't know what your talking about don't comment....

Re-Bath Response

I am sorry you were dissatisfied with your experience. We value your feedback and I would like to invite you to reach out to our Corporate Customer Service Representative at 1-800-426-4573 so we can hear more details about your experience.

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With Official Company Response
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Rebath Remodeling
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Poor customer service

Poor customer service pittsburgh office | ReBath review from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

Purchased a tub enclosure and within a few yrs the mold was terrible and the faucet was losing its finish. The office staff were rude and didn't really want to help. Months later they finally replaced it. Now two years later the caulking is moldy coming away from the enclosure and the faucet is leaking and losing its finish again. Upon calling the office the office manager was rude and telling me she was familiar with my file and that it would be 2 wks before I could get service. This is a terrible company!! I would not recommend that anyone use this company.
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The salesmen will tell you anything he can to make the sale. He might promise discount,extra work,free accessories just to name a few.Jobs are priced differently from person to person.If they think you might be a sucker you will be taken advantage of.

Its funny how elderly people with discounts and coupons end up being charged more the average.

The salesmen also misrepresents the product and how it is installed.


Although installers are said to have been "trained"

and certified by bath fitter most are NOT. In fact most have no contracting experience. They have had enough in house training to do the job and that's it. $3000-5000 to have a *** in your house?

This is fact as I know installers for the company.

Product Because of the lack of training many products are installed wrong. Walls come away, tubs fill with water between old and new,ceilings fall down, caulking splits, accessories fall off, shower bars fall down. Plumbing fixtures are not aligned with drain. Walls and tubs that have not been measured right are installed anyway.

Existing damage is not always repaired right. only the minimum amount of drywall is taken down even if mold exists behind the wall. soft movable tiles from water damage are often just screwed to the wall and covered up leaving MOLD and MILDEW in your walls!!! remember its a "redressing" not a renovation.

all you old *** is still there its just hidden now. Warranty This is were it sounds great. now try and get them to come take care of the problem. The office is rude and hard to deal with.

Problems take weeks to MONTHS to be fixed and lots of times just happen again. In most cases they try to blame the customer for the problem, as if it was something they did wrong.

Although its free to have your caulking re-done if it gets mildew they usually try and charge you for it. we pay good money we should get good work not crooks!!

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Damaged or defective
I don't know what happened to these clients BUT we had a new shower installed about 6 months ago and haven't had "buyers remorse". We LOVE it!! Perhaps it was the contractors and the part of the country that had the franchise but we were totally satisified with the...
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So let us all know when your shower goes bad, as it is destined to do, and let us know how wonderful your Re-bath team is at follow up and customer service. Or, in the spirit of full disclosure, please let us know how you are related to your rebath installer or franchise owner (mother?


sister?) or whether you are in fact a paid reviewer, or even an employee of rebath.

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In response to your pissed off complaints. I do not doubt you had a personal complaint with Rebath and it is great for others to see. But as I read these complaints it does not mean that every Rebath franchise is the same. Best to contact your local Better Business...
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BBb is not effective I have complained and they do nothing

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I call re-bath at least 3 times a week and receive no answer from aimee clark, or whatever alias this human *** goes by. the customer service people there(if there is any) could not work the fryer at McDonalds. I will most likely look for a class action lawyer to get a...
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They have 100 's of thousand of faulty installs .

The tape liners they use get water and mold

Under them . Infact now they are selling

Tub replacements instead of liners .

If you purchase the Rebath system you have a

One year lifetime warranty !!! Fact !

Franchises are resold every few years !

Infant Rebath corp was sold two years ago .

They pay a lot of money covering

Negative post ! I would not use this product

Ever again ! It's polystyrene not even acrylic. !

Dura bath is a tub made in china and they

Market made in the USA .

You want a nightmare buy a Rebath system .

I would suggest looking at companies that sell

Acrylic systems and ceramic tile .

Not a franchise . They mask them selves in

Marketing .

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re bath is the worst company I ever did business with, and I am 54 years old. tell your family and friends. print up notices and distribute them around your town or city. this company needs to be put out of business, and all their employees need to be fired. I have...
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Earl M

yes i am one of the lucky ones. RE-BATH has done me in. for some reason i was lead to believe that the $6000 i was spending was for a complete bathroom remodel. i had already done a complete demo on the bathroom and had the electrical and plumbing updated. i presumed (wrong thing to do i know) that for $6000 i was going to get a really nice remodeling. turns out i got a plastic tub and three plastic surround walls. they did set a toilet and vanity and hook up the plumbing for each of those but i purchased the toilet and vanity and vanity top. i also paid for the tile and installation of the tile. now i have a bathroom that has unfinished tape and bedding and is not textured or painted in areas.

What makes me so mad is the fact that i feel i was taken advantage of. this was the year i was to retire but not now. for what i paid i should of received a complete remodel which would have included a completely tiled shower, tiled floor, new vanity and top, toilet and all fixtures. to my dismay i have checked out other re-modelers and yes they say i was ripped off.

and on top of everything else i printed out a coupon for a $500 discount and they say it is not valid as i got a 10% discount when i signed the contract. nowhere on the contract is there any mention of a 10% discount. NO WHERE.

DO NOT ever sign a contract with RE-BATH. :cry

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rebath installed shower over year ago. found out shower door is not re bath door. been trying to get them to replace it for over 1 year. customer service has never answered the phone. over one hundred calls and always hear "leave a message, your call very important to...
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ReBath turned my bathroom into a mold infested mess. The Franchise went belly up and ReBath national won't stand behind their warranty.

I'm out about twelve thousand dollars. A small amount when trying to sue a large company with fat cat lawyers. But if enough of us with damages by ReBath get together we can explore a class action suit against them. I think they intentionally know that their franchisees are sub standard.

If you feel ReBath owes you money for not delivering what you paid for, contact me. John at

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Been looking online the past couple of days for some info about updating our bathroom. Sooo glad I saw this as well as read the other two Rebath reviews about this guy, as Re-Bath was at the top of our list (notice I said WAS). I'm telling you right now: Some huge...
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To "you are a half wit", if you read the post I don't think they were complaining about anything just making a commentary and an observation based on someone else's post which they have every right to do.

I don't believe for a minute that everyone on here is a competitor, maybe some but clearly not the majority and I'll tell you why: The guy everyone is bashing has come on this website himself acting EXACTLY like everyone said he did!!! In other words, he has personally proved them right with his own actions!!!! I'll even bet that you, "half wit", are him yourself.

I happen to agree with Lisa. Anybody who shows up driving a flashy corvette trying to sell me a POS bathtub liner has issues and something to prove. I'll even bet he's fat and middle-aged!!

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