I don't know what happened to these clients BUT we had a new shower installed about 6 months ago and haven't had "buyers remorse". We LOVE it!!

Perhaps it was the contractors and the part of the country that had the franchise but we were totally satisified with the company out of Forty Fort,PA. Their installers were very professional and left the place in perfect condition. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to our friends. Our shower is beautiful and works well.

We had guests from Vermont and they said they loved our shower.

We are very proud and pleased with the results. Sorry to hear about the others !!

Store Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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So let us all know when your shower goes bad, as it is destined to do, and let us know how wonderful your Re-bath team is at follow up and customer service. Or, in the spirit of full disclosure, please let us know how you are related to your rebath installer or franchise owner (mother?


sister?) or whether you are in fact a paid reviewer, or even an employee of rebath.


And what did they do for what amount of $$$$


This Sounds like a rebath ad


Forty Fort,PA. Ron Goldman worked there and was a real turd.


They're all turds. And the company is one giant ***.