I wanted to cover up my '60s tile on my tub surround and wainscoting only. Very small bathroom. I looked at the Rebath site & found no inkling of a price range anywhere, so I set up an appointment for a free estimate.

This huge loud man came into the house and gave an 1 1/2 hour presentation and then told me it would be $6400 and that that was cheap. They don't even use real tile, and they glue it up over your old stuff! What a rip off!

When I told him that I would have to think about it, that it was a lot of money and a big decision, he got really pissy and threw all of his stuff in his bag, showed himself to the door, and didn't even turn around to tell us goodbye or thanks or anything.

I spoke with a contractor today who said he could send his whole crew in for two weeks and tile my bathroom the real way and do my entire kitchen for that much! I'm sure he was exaggerating a bit, but he was floored at the cost.

I felt like the entire deal was a waste of time. If the salespeople are going to be so rude about not closing the deal that day, they should talk to their company about maybe putting at least an average price range on the Web site.

Monetary Loss: $6400.

Location: Winnetka, California

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They were a bad experience from start to finish.


OMG! I was going to do this on all of my bathrooms in my new constructed home.

Deffinitely will go with regular tile. And the money these people charge, someone was right, my kitchen will aslo be included in that quote!

Thanks a million to all who posted these needed info and saved us tons of $$$. God bless!


I too was given an hour long presentation to be quoted $7100 for just a tub and liner to be put in.


I had ReBath redo my small bathroom a few years ago, The biggest mistake ever. It took them 6 months to put it in and I went 2 months without hot water.

The sales associates were very rude. They called us liars and actually would swear at us. Finally, they came and fixed everything and three years later I have mold growing underneath the shower pan. Someone came out and recaulked the shower, he said that they did not use ReBath approved caulking but no one will fix the damage done to my floors and the mold that came from the leaking.

I was told in the warrenty it states you have to change the molding every year.

Are you kinding me...who does that. This has been the worst mistake.


My husband and I had Rebath redo our bathroom a little under a year ago. I placed a small basket with suction cups in the shower, when it was removed it took the entire finish off the shower wall!!

When i called to complain they told me that i voided the warrenty by using suction cups and could do nothing to help me except replace the wall that I would have to pay for. My complaint: I never received a warrenty from rebath so how the *** could i have known this? The woman I spoke to was rude and defensive. She had the nerve to tell me I was argumentive because I asked her what kind of product would do such a thing?

She then mailed me the warrenty. Thanks saleswoman you were a real big help.. So sorry I trusted them.

It was against my better judgement. If your thinking about having rebath redo your bathroom, think again and save your money..


I just made an appointment with Rebath... wish I'd seen these comments prior to that. My goodness, I will cancel my appointment after reading some of these comments.


Rebath would not give me an estimate on my home in Keller, it is only two years old. BUT my mother who is 79 lives in Denver, her home is 50 years old and I do not wish her to get ripped off.

Rebath I found out is just marketing company who do not have employees but hires the cheapest sub contractor they can find. Rocky Mountain is a family owned company and the owner was at her house everyday and I was able to talk to him about how the job was progressing.


Price, why is a Denver company giving you a bathroom bid in Keller, TX?


We got an estimate for just the bathtub area and it was $8500. No joke.

I got Rocky Mountain Remodeling here in Dever to do everything: floor, toilet, vanity, tub and walls using real tile for $9800. Now we have an upgrade to our home for the cost of repairing the bathtub walls.


We had a couple of salesmen from these companies; Rebath, Bathfitter and Luxury give us bids on our two baths. The Rebath material was thinner than the others.

Their statement about solid surface material was just a joke, its plastic. Bathfitter uses a single piesce for the wall but they used a bunch of trim and slices to make it work. It is not as water proof as they say. We did find Luxury bath to the the best of the three.

On price, material, and time to install the bathrooms.

I will have to recommend Luxury above the rest. Go Huskies!


They put a bathtub insert on our guest bathtub about a year ago. One one has ever used the bathtub since it was put in.

We had a house guest stay with us last weekend and there is a huge bubble in the middle of the bathtub has sloshes around when it is stepped on. I called Rebath and they told me that would CHARGE me $150 to drain the water from it and offer no guarentee that it would not happen again. I told them that already have a guarantee and the bathtub has never been used. After spending almost $2000 on this I just want it out of my home.

Rebath said they would charge me $250 to remove it. A plumber friend of mine took it out in ten minutes and we then talked about putting a REAL bathtub in the bathroom.


I saw on another post they charged a lady almost $40,000 for two bathroom for the Rebath. :cry


It took us awhile to run these people down and we found that he had sould this company three times and now no one will honor their lifetime warranty on the installation of their company.



Sorry to hear about your head. RIP


The material is plastic just cut it. The 54 inches is what comes from the factory and you are right all they need to do is cut it at the chair rail, cut off the excess and replace the chair rail.

A fairly simple job. If they will not make it right then do not pay them. It is just sloppy workmanship or someone who does not know his business.

That is a steep price. You should have shopped around.

Real tile or corian would have cost half. You can still bargin the price!


I just had my bathroom rebathed and finished today. Let me tell you the total size of the bath room is 9x5' the new walls and trim that was installed was 54" high The med cabinet was installed to my dismay I could not see in the mirror syx I 7know I am only 5 ft.

tall my husband is 5'8" and he barely sees in the mirror, I have made a couple of calls to Re Bath to fix the problem they are saying they cannot do it. as they may crack their product.??? What is wrong with doing the wall over again and making the wall the original 48" it was??? The other work done waped s done professionally.

Why would the sales man put another 6 " on top of 48" I purchased this from RE Bath in Wappingers Falls NY Any one have any suggestions for me I also stopped payment on my final payment. Sure hope this could be resolved.

It may be better not to get excited over improving your home at$13,000 + this is difficut to understand. a


Rebath came to my house to talk about a bathroom remodel. After a long One Hour presentation, he had the nerve to give me a price of over $37,200 just for a bathtub liner.

When I told him he was way too expensive, he pulled out a .38 and shot me in the head.

I will never do business with these guys, because I am dead. Thanks Rebath!


Rebath is a RIP-OFF


Rebath of Central Florida, owned by Richard S., sold to another individual in a asset sale only. Richard S., franchise owner of Rebath of Central Florida, walked away from paying his companies debts after the sale.

Thousands of Dollars in materials purchased and supplied to customers homes was never paid for. Richard S. owns another Rebath Franchise in Long Island, New York. People should be made aware that He may not pay for materials in New York and customers could have liens placed on there homes by suppliers and workers. Rebath of Central Florida, stiffed one of his former employees with default judgement in the amound of $18,500.00 plus court cost, and attorney fees.

The employee was kind enough to sign a credit application for Richard S., since Richard S. was a absentee owner. The debt is due to Scripps Publication, parent company for Florida Today Newspaper. Richard S. took the profit from the sale of the Rebath of Central Florida sale and skipped out on this debt and thousands of dollars more. Rebath has a very bad reputation of doing this type of thing ikt is all over the internet. And there installations are of poor quality.

Again you can see it all over the internet. This guy Richard S. still qualifies Rebath of Mid Florida with his Master Plumbing license and the person harmed by the debt is seeking that the State of Florida revoke Richard S. Master Plumbing License in the State of Florida. Rebath Corporate knows of this debt problem and states, ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM.

Yet Richard S. is a Rebath Franchise Holder still in Long Island New York.

Richard S. should be made to pay off this debt or have his New York franchise taken away. What kind of Franchise owners are you allowing Dave S.? Force Richard S. to pay the debt.


Does anyone have any experience with Rebath in Arlington, Virginia? Is yes, please contact me at: mmgibbons@farinc.com