Rebath treats their franchisee like trash. They are quick to get your franchise fees but then it is we got you by the XXXX.

You think you have a contract but watch out it can be changed completely by adding something to the operations manual. If you are thinking about getting involved with them watch out. You can buy the same material from BCI or Liners Direct and not have to put up with the BS.

Those companies do not want $40,000 for the pleasure of buying their product. Dave Sanders is a smug little man who watches out only for himself just ask his corporate employees.

Location: Keller, Texas

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Stay away from ReBath of the Southeast>>>You are better off using other bathroom remodeling companies, like Nu-Bath or Bath Fitters Plus you will have some money left over....


We did not do well with this company and we represent several home improvement lines. I guess they all can not be winners. They do have an attitude that can only be described as NOT southern.


Re-Bath DOES SUCK!! If you want a viable, money making business, STEER CLEAR of this "corporation" They want their money, but they want you to waste all of yours on BS national advertising and 40K mobile showrooms.


Be very, very careful if you choose to do ANYTHING with them!! Been there, done that, would not do it again!!


We were down to the wire on purchasing an existing franchise but we happened to run across a competitor who told me the franchise has been sold six times in the last five years. I thought it was just a competitor trying to scare me off until I asked the owner point blank and then he tried to side step it.

I wrote him a letter demanding a response and he never replied. The are all a group of thieves.


They put the idea into your head that the franchise has equity but they to sell it and they will find a millon reason why the new buyer cannot qualify.


We were ready to go with this franchise until we read all of this. I just did not feel right about it from the frist. They seemed to be completed disconnected from reality of the remodel industry and interested only in selling something based on numbers from 3-5 years ago.


Re-Bath does a dog and pony show to get a potential franchisee to buy a protected territory and once they have your money treat you like dirt. Next comes the threatening letters from some *** named Heidi who is a puppet to Dave Sanders.

Dave Sanders is a punk who needs to get his *** kicked for treating paid dealers like ***. I feel sorry for his wife and family because he is known as a little Hitler in the network, the whole office staff is afraid of him when he sticks his head above his desk. He has a paid audience whom is afraid to say anything as they have a lot of money on the line and now cannot afford to be cut off. Once in the system, showroom requirements, bogus qoutos based on unreal #'s for a down economy, and advertising requirements to promote their name will break most new business owners.

Sanders protects dealers he likes and kiss his ***. The best comes when they sell the area you were promised when you signed up and yet they still expect dealers to make it. Go figure. I've seen too many good people close shop and all corp says is they were a lousy franchise, they never take any blame.

I'm sure the same is said for me after I left. If Re-Bath is to succeed, Sanders has got to go !!! The guy is a joke. Save your $.

So glad to be on my own again. Kinda like taking a big sh_t, wiping, flushing, and then feeling whom again.

Moving on in a different way to get my life back after being sucked dry. What comes around, goes around, his turn is coming.


Rebath is under some form of reorganization. They brougth in some turn around management but this is termed TOTO "to little to late".

They can not fight the economy like they can beat up on franchisees. So watch out!

Like the car dealerships they will just write you a letter one day with some very bad news one day. You heard it here first.


My husband was "early retired" and we were really needing something to bring home some money. This would have been horrible. We need something more stable, so we will just keep our money in the bank.


We had the same experience. We ran several thousands dollars worth of ads and got almost no response.

Just a few people wanting their bathtub reglazed.

I called them to explain my probelm and they told me to run even more ads. Now it is no the back burner and if someone calls great we will sell it to them but that has not happen.


I was thinking about them. So they gave me a list of franchise to call.

I think it was a hand picked list since I called the ones not on the list and in general each of them said they were not allowed to talk about the franchise due to trade secrets. What trade secrets?

They are selling plastic bathtub covers. Anyway, I called Luxury and they set me up without all the up front franchise fees.


Yeah so true! They promise you all these leads and boast a 40% closing ratio.

Our sales were less than a 10% and we were a very experienced direct sales team... vacuums, cars ect...


It is a no name franchise. What were you expecting?

McDonald's. Franchising is like the old west. Anything goes. Next time invest in a franchising company not the franchise.

An even better idea is to start one yourself. It does not take anything but a operations manual and a fool with money (franchisee).