This company is a joke, a lie and a scam to any consumer. awilliams@rebath.com is not a human being, just an email address that gets looked at and a general response will be issued if the company feels it's necessary.

If someone calls to register a complaint about not having a usable bathroom in any capacity the call will be ignored until late in the afternoon when the person has either "calmed down or fixed the problem themselves" because customer service gets so bombarded with complaints in which nobody has an answer too. If you get a response of "we will file a formal complaint" or "this has been elevated to an executive level" DON'T believe it, it's a lie. The complaint will sit there and gather dust. The persons responsible for taking these calls simply doesn't care, at best the angry consumer will be offered a can of caulk to temporarily fix a problem that will in all likelihood be ignored because the franchise that the consumer purchased the products from went out of business.

The infrastructure of this company can be compared to a Pyramid Scheme, they will allow anybody with $12,000 to start a franchise, train them and then let them loose.

If the franchise goes out of business, well that's just too bad and if a consumer is left with a *** job, got their money taken then that's too bad. Sure, the commericals look great, the products look great, but it's a front.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Customer Care.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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I can back this statement up. I was a Trainer for them and never trained a single owner.

A true Franchise, offers and has qualified people on board to train franchise owners. The President does not believe in training, give them a training manual and we have done our job! Guy has no clue how to manage people, what a true franchise is and how you operate a franchise.

This is not a true franchise it should have continued on as a distributorship. The ownership group switched to a franchise so they can make more $ when they sell the company.


No training and very little support.


Hello Elisabet. I’m very sorry to learn of your experience.

I do not have the ability to contact you directly through this particular site, which is why I ask individuals to contact me directly.

Please email me at awilliams [@] rebath.com or call me at 480-480-844-1575. I would like to help you through this situation.


You have a strong case for fraud. Someone who holds themselves out as a professional is held to a standard that is equal to those of the profession. I would contract the plumbers board and see if he is even licensed. Rebath will sell a franchise to anyone including someone who the week was laid off a mid-management job. They are just not tradesmen.

I have had an experience that was bad but your seem worst, Rebath reversed the hot and cold and told me that it was the way the house plumbing was originally installed. I only lived here for twelve years and I know which side the hot water always was on. Then they installed a shower door and the glass did not fit so they just left it for two weeks before they could get another one, now this one leaks. The original service man quite and the new guy does not know how to fix a loose panel. This place is a joke.


Small claims is the way to go; no question.

Your experience with Rebath in Washington is not unique; this has been the common experience of customers there for years.


Re-Bath in the Seattle area should not be in business. On March 5th I ordered a tub liner and surround. The total price was almost $5000 and I had to pay $2400 up front. This was a new franchise so the installation was supposed to happen in about two weeks. On April 22nd they were finally going to install everything "in less than a day" as the commercials promise. Luckily I asked the owner of the franchise to confirm that it would be finished that day. "Well, not exactly, it will probably take two days" was the answer. Since I had an interview the next day (I was out of work at the time) I asked him to come back with the installer on Saturday.


They tore the bathroom apart, left the front door open all day in 40 degrees and rain, did not bring anything to cover my hardwood floors (the finally used a couple of plastic bags) and made a horrible mess while they removed most of the tile - yes, you read right. They were not supposed to, but then again they were not supposed to cut the water pipes either (it took a plumber to fix it). The installer walked off the job and Terry McDaniel, the owner tried to install everything himself. He has obviously never been trained and it did not work so well. During this ordeal, I HAD NO WATER (READ NO TOILET)FOR TWO DAYS AND WAS UNABLE TO USE THE SHOWER FOR 8 DAYS! Some other franchise owner from Milwaukee, I think, showed up the following Wednesday and it was more or less finished on Thursday - 8 days after the scheduled completion date. The finished product is sloppy with missing caulking, loose overfolw drain and mismatched drain stopper. On top of that there was substantial damage done to one wall and the guy from Milwaukee decided to bring the surround out 3-4 inches further than it was before which brings it too close to a towel rack and window. The owner, Terry McDainel has promised me to correct the things that were not done right, but all of a sudden he is not returning my calls. This, after he was at a Re-Beth convention last week. On top of everything else, the hot water pressure in the tub is little more than a trickle. This has taken over my life and something that should have been a great source of joy is instead frustrating and sad.

From Aimee's posting, I assume she monitors this site and I hope they'll contact me and let me know if thie franchise owner also went out of business like the last one in this area.

Oh, I forgot - my water pipes are apparently loose under the house and make a "knocking" sound every time I turn them on and off! I am wondering if he actually had a plumber here or maybe some other clutz. I now have a new job and don't have the time to fight for what's right - I'm worn out, but maybe small claims court is the way to go.


Rebath's head of sales quit a few months ago and their head of operations left this month. Looks like they'll be out of business soon. Not surprising


Calling the 800-426-4573 number will get you to Rebath but as soon as you give them your Zip Code, your call gets transfered to the local rep... that you most likely are already dealing with. The point of calling Rebath in AZ is to get resolution at a level above the local level that cannot accomodate the isuue.


Hello Rick and Chrisd76, I am indeed a real human being; awilliams [@] rebath.com is my personal email and I am here to help customers with any questions or concerns they have, whether they are considering Re-Bath for the first time or need to speak with someone about a completed remodel. I encourage you to call me at 800-426-4573 and I will be more than happy to speak with you.


I don't know if amy williams is real or not; but the president of rebath is named david sanders. You can reach him at dsanders@ambath.com or dsanders@rebath.com, and rebath's phone # is 800-426-4573.

His assistant's name is heidi, and she can be reached at hseyler@rebath.com.