Irvine, California
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I learned my cheap and pay twice. The work by ReBath caused a leak between my condo and the one below.

It was caused by incorrect sealing, failing to seal, and faulty plumbing. The mold that resulted required me to tear out all the ReBath work plus tear out the ceiling of the condo below mine in order to remove all the mold. From day one ReBath has stalled me and played games because the local franchise that did the work went Chapter 11 and the national company didn't want to live up to their warranty. I am now out thousands and thousands of dollars and will have to spend thousands more to take them to court.

Do not risk you home, your health, or you hard earned money by using ReBath. Sure they're cheap...and you'll get what you pay for...junk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Remodeling.

Monetary Loss: $14273.

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Same here. The stuff was expensive and less than a year latter the bathtub is nasty.

The bottom will not clean and there is soap *** on the walls.

I am ashamed to have anyone look at it. They told me that I would never have to clean it since it was "solid surface" Bull ***.


The franchise is responsible for the franchise. Call the staters get where to have service and sue them local


We had the same problem with our master bath. Previous owner had an installation done.

Would have preferred them left previous tile. Started noticing mold where wall met tub. My husband took down the miniscule layer and found whole inside wall moldy. Old tile still under with a boatload of adhesive holding up plastic.

Called reputable contractor and he said they must have stopped by the scrap pile before coming out. 4000 later, only because my husband did tear out, do we have plumbing and walls up. Funny thing only two years a :roll go 3400 was paid for shoddy workmanship. Owners left paperwork, "warranty" was good so I called and was rudely told they had never had any complaints.

Decided against perusing and just got it fixed. Sorry excuse for a company.


I've heard nothing but negative reviews about ReBath and their poor to non-existent customer service and awful work. Why is this company still in business?

"We take customer satisfaction very seriously and aim to provide the best possible service"

Re-Bath, L

At Re-Bath®, we strive for your bathroom remodel to go as smoothly as it possibly can, and sincerely regret any difficulties you are having with our product. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and aim to provide the best possible service.

I would appreciate for you to give our customer service representative a call at 480-844-1575 Ext. 170

@Re-Bath, L

Maybe it is time to organize our complaints and start a class action against ReBath.


Rebath must use gold products. Heads-up sue the franchisor.

The concept of a franchise is the franchisee is only leasing the name of the company. The franchisor is responsible for the work!!!

Rebath requires a franchisee to put up a bond for just such a problem. I know I was a franchisee.

@$14,000 not cheap

I agree. I was once a franchisee. They lie to everyone.