My sister is a school teacher who was out on break this past week. She was getting an estimate on remodeling her bathroom.

When Rebath talked to her they wanted $8,000 to do the shower with some new wall and a door. She was real excited but I told her to have them come back and I would be there to talk to them. When she called the Rebath in Denver, they really didn't want to come back to talk to us but they did. I talked to this man for a few minutes about the shower and I asked about what it would cost to do the entire bathroom with a new toilet, floor and counter.

He told me that it would cost an additional $8,000 for a total of $16,000. I just had to know what are you putting in that bathroom so I asked. He told me I was not getting just a toilet etc but the "Rebath experience". I told him that I don't we want an experience but just a new bathroom.

We now need our money back. He said they could not do that so in front of the man, I called the bank and was able to stop payment on the check. He asked if there was anyway he could earn by business if they were to do better on the price and he would call the office to see if there was any specials. I had to tell him that this was not going to happen, we are just too far apart and he was just puzzled that we could not see the value of the "Rebath Experience" and if his office called to give him a good report.

I wonder why he would think that I would owe him or Rebath anything but my contempt over trying to *** my sister who is always so trusting into grossly overpaying for services. I had her call K&H Bath Pros who gave us a price of the entire bath for less than $7000 and they from the start seems liked someone you could trust.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Remodeling.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Sorry Re-Bath....wont be calling you...Hello Angie's List!!! :grin


These people. Just a bunch of cry babies Has anyone noticed that Aimee address is everywhere in the USA I thought the we're located in Az


To ReBath Fan, I’m very glad to hear you are enjoying your bathroom. To K&H, it sounds like you may have been looking for a different solution than our product, but ReBath Durabath SSP is a high quality, durable material. We believe in the value and we back it with a warranty.


We had K&H in Denver do our home and it only cost $2400 for a bathtub liner, bathtub walls and a new bathtub/shower mixer. We had them give us an estimate for a four plex we own and it was $1900 each for the same job the warranty was just shorter because it was a rental.

They showed us the material they used and it was thicker and the color went all the way thru it rather like than the Rebath stuff. Rebath's color was just on the surface and thin. Rebath SSP is just another word for cheap over priced ***.

Rebath Fan nothing can be said to you. If you hate money you can give me all you want.


Larry, let us know with some pics on how your K&H remodel turns out. I have had remodeling done by Rebath and a local contractor.

They are both usable bathrooms but it is easy to see why one cost me $6000 more than the other. Remodeling is not cheap just tell your sister to get over it.


We are sorry to hear of your experience with ReBath. We take great pride in our 30 year history and the product and services we offer.

We would be more than happy to address this directly with you. We can be contacted at awilliams [@] rebath.com.


Amee, why does a suction cup attached to the wall system void the warranty ?????Seriously, suction cups will damage the wall system !!!! What kind of product is this - garbage product, garbage corporation whom does not stand behind their products or services, leaves their dealers out to do their dirty work.

Leadership is rotting from the very top - more interested in gouging dealers of profits by charging a royalty fee off gross sales. Corp doesn't even post their warranty on their corp site. Warranty was changed without notifying their dealers. Beware of their new divisions hitting the street - dumbest names of all time - 5Day Kitchens , BlueFrog Plumbing + Drain Anyone want a kitchen done right doesn't want a kitchen slammed in 5 days.

Anyone ever seen a Blue Frog ? Seriously dumb *** names by a *** company led by Mark Dawson & Brad Hilliard. These guys give legit companies a bad name - I doubt they've never remodeled a job themselves ever.

Garbage in equals garbage out. :( :x