Make sure if you use this company that you stay with the workers when they are in your home. I noticed that a small video camera was missing from my bedroom after the company had finished.

I called the manager and he dismissed my complaint completely and stood behind his employees.

Good for the company - a twelve thousand dollar bathroom and a little bonus for the employee. I was speechless at the curt response and lack of attention that was given to a customer.

Be careful. The smile you get when you sign on the dotted line is the last you see of customer service in this company.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

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A ReBath rep came to our home for an estimate and was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We were left feeling confident and excited at the prospect of having our current shower/ bath combo removed.

They were going to put in a new tub, shower surround and all hardware. The rep also assured us that they worked with condominium buildings all the time and would contact our management to set up water turnoff. Two weeks before the actual installation date, we contacted our condo management to ensure that everything was prepared. Imagine our surprise when they said that they hadn't heard from ReBath at all.

What followed was a week long struggle where ReBath told us that they had misquoted the job, hadn't pulled the proper city paperwork and would no longer be able to do the job at all. When my husband spoke with the manager she was extremely unwilling to provide any type of remedy- they would not even provide us with an updated quote to see if we could manage the payment. They were rude, defensive, difficult to deal with all around. I'm unsure as to when they would have called us to let us know that the job was not going to happen...

If I hadn't called them first when would we have found out? Would they have ripped our bathroom apart and then left us there to deal with it? I cannot believe that a business is able to run this way and am furious that they left us in such a lurch. Mind you- my initial deposit of nearly $2,000 had already been taken from my account BEFORE they told us they could not do the job.

We had to request the money back in full as there was never once a mention of a refund until we brought it up.

I will never work through this company again and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you look elsewhere before turning to Bay State ReBath. :(


Really felt bad reading the comments on this site!

Had a tub, bath surround and ceiling installed in 2006. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Had slight problem when I first placed my order and will never forget - Jennifer called me to resolve the problem - she solved the problem immediately and the work proceeded without incident.

Was extremely pleased with Rebath and very impressed with Jenifer's concern for me!

Rachael P

Rebath Mass,

We are sorry to hear this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. We’d like to discuss this with you further and put you in contact with someone who can resolve any issues you may have.

Please contact Lisa O’Rander in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 147 or by email at lorander@rebath.com, and we’ll do our best to help resolve your situation.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


The so called owner of Rebath in Mass is a crude woman. I could not even voice my complaint without her interrupting me to tell me how wrong I am.

Rachael P


We are very sorry to hear about the experience you had with your local Re-Bath franchise and the lack of attention that was given to the issue.

Please contact Aimee Williams in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154 or by email at aclark@rebath.com (CC me at Rachael@rebath.com) to discuss your situation.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


An A+ BBB rating is better than a poor rating, but the BBB ratings are just fluff. As long as a company responds - actually fixing is different - to each complaint, they are eventually changed to "resolved".

But that doesn't solve the problem that the Boston rebath has a long history of irate customers who have felt misled and taken advantage of, and poor quality jobs.

Boston is not alone, as many rebath locations have had the same thing going on. Just take a look at los angeles and salt lake city!! But boston definitely is a case of buyer beware when it comes to rebath.


Whoever posted this complaint should identify herself. I am the President of this company, and the Installation manager is female, not male.

I know nothing about this complaint and welcome contact fromt he customer, if in fact this is a real complaint. All of my staff are background checked and very, very professional.

Our company has an A+ rating with the BBB. I welcome an inquiry since I know nothing about the accusation.


This franchise has a long history of problems.