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Richard Sasto owns Rebath of Long Island, and Used to own Rebath of Central Florida now Rebath of Mid Florida. I have posted about this complaint before and still have not gotten a response from Richard Sasto the Frnachisee, or Rebath Corporate, the Franchisor.

I worked for Rebath of Central Florida, now Rebath of Mid Florida, back in 2006-2008. During that time I was first hired on as a sales rep only, then because of experience in business ownership I was promoted to General manager with about 6 months. Rebath of Central Florida, now Rebath of Mid Florida, did not have a Manager. Richard Sasto ,the then Franchisee, was an absentee owner. I did a very good job for Rebath of Central Florida, and treated the business as if it was my own. I took great pride in the way the Franchise was operated. I never had access to any bank accounts or cash. All of this was taken care of by Richard Sasto in his New Youk Office.

When it came to marketing I was the one who made the design and layouts, and the billings for ad vertising went to the New York office. I made one terrible mistale. I signed a credit application for Richard Sasto, and Like so many, never read it to see it had a personal guarntee attached.

To be honest, I felt the job I was doing and di, that I felt Richard Sasto was a man of integrity and would always pay his bills. WRONG!!!!

I left the Rebath Franchise, in 2008, to go into business myself, and Richard Sasto decided to sell the Franchise. Rebath of Central Florida is now Rebath of Mid FLorida. When the Franchise was sold, Richard Sasto never paid alot of the debt, and the one that a affected me is the one for advertising , owed to Florida Today, Scripps Publication. That have now secured a default judgement against me for $22,000.00!!! For Rebath of Central Florida Advertising. I was never an Officer, of Board Member, or even on the checking account. I cannot believe to this day, that someone would do this to anyone. I could understand better if Richard Sasto went bankrupt and lost the business, but his is not the case. Richard Sasto sold the Franchis known as Rebath of Central Florida, had to pay off Rebath Corporate for any bal on the franchise he owned, and then made a profit. Richard Sasto to this day still owns a Rebath Franchise in New York.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???? He Failed to Pay his bill and still gets to be a dealer, why so he can do it again. This is the most outrageous thing that i have ever heard of is 35 years of business. I now have this judgement on my credit and it is effecting me buying a home, has caused me great stress and concern for the last 2 years. Why will Richard Sasto not pay the bill?

The same reason that the internet is overwhelmed with Rebath Complaints,

just no INTEGRITY, none what so ever. If anyone would like a copy of the judgement to be sure that this is just not a disgruntled ex-employee, check out the Martin County Fla, Clerk of the Court and Look it up, or E-mail me and I will get you a copy. This is WRONG!!!

Anyone that does business with Rebath needs to to think twice.....Check out the internet

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Rachael P

Bent Over,

I apologize that you’ve been having trouble getting a hold of our Re-Bath customer service. Please try to reach Aimee Williams at (480) 844-1575 ext.

154 or by email at awilliams@rebath.com and we will do our best to assist you.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


Do NOT! I repeat..

DO NOT do any business with this company. I worked for this man since 2003 in his office as the office Manager. They rip people off. The owner is a RACIST and a LIER!

He takes advantage of people. In all the time I worked there I had to hear racial slurs from his mouth such as: Hispanics are lazy. Hispanics are ***. Dont hire black people.

Dont send me to black people's home, why are the installers taking off 4th of July? "They are not Americans." ALL TO MY FACE FACE. The man doesnt care what he says to others. When his son emailed me *** once I brought it to his attention, he ignored it.

Did not even apologize to me. He would force me to go to work in dangereous snow weather conditions and when I arrived at the office the front was not even plowed. I fell several times, and he never bothered to ask if I was alright. All he cares for is himself and money.

No compassion for his employees. I injured my foot with a big piece of granite that fell on me and when he saw it and I told him what happened, he ignored me. I had to go to work injured. without being able to go to the hospital because I had no insurance.

(something he also promised to pay for) Not once did he ask me if I was ok, if I needed to go to the hospital since my foot was so swollen. Mr. Sasto had me FIRE (TERMINATE) a black girl I hired because she was BLACK. He also had me transfer Home Depot Jobs to Rebath jobs for his benefit and said if they ever asked him he would blame it on me.

I got fired for excersing my rights as an employee because I refused to continue to do this. This man had a discrimination law sue in Florida which he settled out of court for racial slurs towards an installer and his religion. He also did give Terry Gowan authorization to use his credit cards and etc. I have emails I kept of Mr.

Sasto showing he did in fact authorized Terry Gowan to use his credit card to advertise and etc. Terry was managing Florida for him and sadly got screwed in the end. Now he is hit with this judgement. He screwed alot of people just like he did with me.

I kept copies of All documents for legal purpose. They take advantage of customers. I had to lie to customers many times on the phone. Our service department is horrible.

The most un-professional office/owner I have ever worked for. The man cannot see 2 feet in front of him. He is too afraid to run his own bussines, especially his own office.I dont know how he stays in business. I can back up every thing I've said here.

If anyone doubts I will be more than happy to email proof of each statement I've made here. This man Makes people false promises. And NO I am not a disgruntle employee. I am excersing my right to speak the truth as a former employee.

This man is no good. I am relieved I no longer have to deal with this.

Customers do yourselves a favor... find a real company that can help you and not just take your money.


Hey NEED TO TALK, can't imagine what documentation you have. The lawsuit spells it out in black and white what Rich Sasto did to me and the rest of his vendors.

But regardless, I can be reached at:



Terry. I need to talk to you.

I can help your case.

I have documentations that can prove your case. provide an email address so I can reach you.


Hey Why Guy!

Your comment makes no sense at all!!

Rebath Dealer, Rebath of Central Florida

Ripped me off big time and you know it.

Check the Court House in Martin County

All Rebaths Smell Funny







Written by RachaelwithReBath, on 30-03-2011 13:31

Bent Over,

We've tried to reach you on a few other posts. We’d like to discuss this with you further. Please contact Lisa O’Rander in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 147 or by email at lorander@rebath.com.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office

Rachael P

Bent Over,

We've tried to reach you on a few other posts. We’d like to discuss this with you further.

Please contact Lisa O’Rander in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext.

147 or by email at lorander@rebath.com.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office