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I received a quote from Re-bath for some work I needed in my master bathroom and about hit the floor.$4,000 for a cheap polymer tub insert.

Just to make it interesting I requested a quote to replace the tile flooring and install a new solid surface counter top on the existing vanity. This drove the cost up over $9,000.

I bought a new cast iron tub at Home Depot, new high end shower doors, shower and floor tile, and a new granite vanity at Costco and did the work myself with a little help from "You Tube" for a shade over $2,500.Stay away from Re-bath..RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I agree completely!!!I visited a local Re-Bath store with the intent of purchasing the materials to complete a "tiny home" shower stall...

we're talking 2 1/2' x 2' at most with no more than 6' high ceiling which means the shower walls can be no more than 5'. I immediately found out that they don't sell their materials to the public for self-installation and will only allow it to be installed by their technicians. Considering that I had already purchased the exact identical shower base through Lowes from Onyx Collection for $849, I asked so how much would it cost to install the entire stall thinking that I might return the base I purchased through Lowes and have Re-Bath do the entire job. The representative told me $6000 minimum...

(WTF!!!) I explained that the walls in the space where the shower exist isn't finished so the installation shouldn't take more than 2 hours max. In addition, I explained that I had just purchased on of the exact identical shower bases they had on display from Lowes for only $849. How could that amount to a $6000 job w/ the shower base costing no more than $849??? She simply stated that that was the minimum price she was told.

I suppose they're trying to re-coup the cost of research and development for the SSP technology used to construct the shower walls but even still. $6000???

At that price I'd just as soon get actual stone or ceramic tiles.There's no justification for their prices.

Denton, Texas, United States #1176794

You did the work yourself. How is that a fair comparison? Plus you didn't use the same materials.


I agree HIGH PRICE RIP-OFF Artists!


I am just tired of listening to a bunch of jealous competitors. Listen up and grow up fellows.


I would be interested. Please show.


Most of the owners know one thing and one thing only....How to rip people off? I know customers and former employees who have been rip off. This Richard Sasto is the leader of these bunch of losers


I contracted with Re-Bath after seeing their dispay at Home Depot.They said the work work take a day or a day and a half.

Not at all. They were in and out in 2 hours....the job was described as a lot of work, but it was not much, certainly not enought to justify their thousands of dollars. They promised to install toilet and vanity for an additional price. When we had those items installed by a plumber, they never deducted the cost.

Small claims court was the way to go.Nasty people, impolite.....


I think rebath is the biggest piece of *** companies I have ever seen over priced *** craftmanship i would be willing to show anybody interested how bad they can F#%$^^ up a bathroom


we Have 3 major bathroom remodelers in this area. Re-Bath, Bath-Fitters and a local contractor who specializes in bathrooms. All within 10% of each other. Between $6k-$10K for the whole bath. or $4K-$5K for the tub, with new walls, fixture and corrected plumbing.

WHY? Having been a contractor for some times U should know WHY it costs so much...

It's a Pain in the Butt, and plenty can go wrong.

1st Ur college kid, who is the demolition guy gets $12-15 dollars an hour to bust up a cast iron tub and haul it out. Your Carpenter who resets the studs from the studwall as banging up a 600lb Tub can do, levels the floor, repairs the damaged walls with Marine PlyWood, or Water resistant Drywall, and make sure the walls are square and plumb typically gets $25/an hour... Next Your Plumber comes in (IF the carpentry goes according to schedule) and resets the plumbing to fit the new tub because the old bathroom was built in 1952 and the drain is about 1/2" further from the edge than it was then... when all of that is done, the Tile guy comes in with QuickCrete and a Wet tile saw, and finishes up the job... finally the contractor comes in and picks up the final check? does this REALLY seem cheap to you??? Lastly Do it Yourselfers LOVE to brag about how great their job looks. but they dont cut their own hair cus they might mess it up. LOL, But the true test of a good job is not what it looks like when u are sitting back admiring your handi-work the same day. its about 2 years later, when the stuff is falling apart, and U call one of the good guys out to re-do it again! The Most expensive home improvement is the one U have to pay for 2X.

'Nuff Said

to not a joke El Paso, Texas, United States #1352604

So glad you said this.Labor is expensive.

They rip everything out etc. Everyone knows labor is the most expensive part.

The material is so much easier to keep clean too.I thought the price was fair to replace the walls and tub and new doors and faucets etc.

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