My REBATH Nightmare

I met with Ron, a salesman from Rebath, on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 6 pm in my home. After his sales pitch, I picked out the bathtub, tub surround, tub/shower fixtures, 1 ROUND toilet, and wainscot for lower wall and trim. I was informed I would receive a 210% discount if I made a down payment that night and that work would begin in 36 weeks. I put down, in good faith, a $5,000 down payment. I was promised I would NOT be without a 4functioning toilet at any time and all work would be completed within 53 consecutive days.

1 - I did NOT get a round toilet. The one I picked out and paid for was damaged so Tristan took it upon himself to pick out one he liked and installed an oval one, which is most definitely a man's toilet, not a woman's which is quite uncomfortable and ugly.

2 - I do not recall ever seeing in writing the 10% discount I supposedly received.

3 - I was promised work to start in 6 weeks, it was 2 days shy of 10 weeks!

4 - I was without a toilet for 3 days and without a shower for 5, which covered a weekend!

5 - All work was guaranteed to be completed within 3 consecutive days, whereas it took 5.

On August 17, 2011 (almost 10 weeks [75 days] later!!!) Rebath finally came to install my dream bathroom. Or so I thought! The problems I found I reported to Rebath via email to Stephanie who assured me everything would be taken care of

"¢ When the work was complete, I noticed there was no electricity to 4 rooms in my home that had previously worked.

"¢ The bathroom light/fan/nightlight did not work properly. The light and fan were connected to the same switch and the nightlight did not work at all.

"¢ I did not receive the paperwork/warranties from the items I purchased (sink, vanity, mirrored medicine cabinet, and toilet topper)

When I received a final bill I emailed Rebath and informed them I would pay the bill as soon as they fulfilled their promise to fix the problems and give me my warranties for items I bought.

A Rebath representative hired an electrician to fix the electrical problems, if they found they were due to Rebath's mistake. He came out on August 25, 2011.

The letter from Schwartz Electric states that

"¢ they did indeed find that the neutral or white wire was not making connection back to the panel. That is because Tristan cut it!!!!!!!!

"¢ Could not find any connection with the work in the bathroom to my problem.

"¢ Admitted they broke off a switchplate cover to the basement light switch, and left the mess for me to clean up.

"¢ Admitted the chipped paint off a blank cover on my ceiling and pried it open. This has been covered for the past 25 years!

"¢ Admitted to entering my attic

"¢ Totally missed that the light/fan switch in the bathroom did not work properly. How could a TRAINED ELECTRICIAN miss that?????

"¢ Reported numerous code violations (ALL homes have code violations as codes constantly changed. This home was built in early 60's so obviously there are code violations compared to today's standards!)

"¢ Caused numerous damage to my home!

o Damaged drywall when removing kitchen switch plate cover

o Damaged ceiling when removing pained over cover

o Damaged ceiling in kitchen/living room when in attic

o Destroyed outlet cover in basement and left the mess

As I did not trust the electrician Rebath hired, and who could when he missed the most obvious problem… the bathroom light switch not properly working… I hired Fox Electric.

Matt, an electrician with Fox Electric, came to my home on Friday, September 2. He found/repaired the following:

"¢ Bath fan has 3 circuits, two (fan and light) of which were connected to one switch the other (night light) not connected at all. REPAIRED so all three are connected to their own switch.

"¢ Found bath fan was installed incorrectly, was not properly braced to support unit, but held up by drywall and one screw. Bracing between rafters is REQUIRED. Also found that electrical connections were made outsie of junction box and junction box cover was pinching the wiring.

"¢ Found other two switch circuits were cut and tapped in attic! NOT CODE!

"¢ Informed me that all junction boxes are REQUIRED to have access, one was covered up by rebath.

"¢ Found vanity light was installed AGAINST CODE and the back plate for fixture was missing.

"¢ When vanity was removed, found circuit for kitchen light and other cut and tapped in the wall!

"¢ Found hot lead cut and taped in wall as well.

"¢ Found all circuits in junction box were cut and left in wall, when electrical junction receptacle to the right of sink was removed to cover it with the wainscot.

I did not want this to go to court. All I wanted was for Rebath to own up to their mistakes and do the right thing by paying for the electrician and repair to my ceiling, and I would pay what I owed (if anything) once these costs were deducted from final payment.

Now I have a white trash bathroom and white trash kitchen/living room.

Heading to court in 2 hours. I hope the judge see's Rebath for what they are.

Location: Peoria, Illinois

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PLEASE let me know how your lawsuit came out? We're waiting on one also!


you have to watch out for this company


We are headed to court Monday for a rebath suit as well. I would love to know how things turned out for you on your court date.