Dear "RachaelWithReBath",

Whenever you post "We'd like to discuss this issue with you", we ALL know what's going to happen..NOTHING. Your company DOESN'T return phone calls, "Aimee Williams" DOES NOT EXIST! Aimee Clark does exist, but I can personally attest that she looks at the phone ringing and ignores it while listening to the "John Jay and Rich" show on the computer.

What kind of a company rips people off time and time again and yet continues to advertise on television that they are the best in bathroom and now kitchen remodeling? This company is a joke.

I talked to a gentleman who was doing an internal audit of ReBath Corp a few months back and gave him a DETAILED account of my experience with working for ReBath Corp for little over 2 weeks and how I was fired due to my "lack of appropriate skills" and how customers were completely ignored and how as both a former employee and consumer that I have actively encouraged all I have talked too to NEVER do business with a company that actively practices un-ethical business.

ReBath took over 3 months to return a phone call to unemployment in Arizona so I went without a DIME of income for over 3 months. A supervisor with DES called me to tell me that once one of your employees did return a phone call 3 months after the fact, that this person had NO CLUE what they were talking about.

I won my unemployment claim and I hope complaints get filed against ReBath with the Better Business Bureau.

So with that being said RACHAELWITHREBATH I hope that you acquire a flat tire on the way home, cos you, Aimee Clark, Lisa Sousa, Kristina Woolfolk and Jamie Ferguson and Dave Sanders, Robin Rollando, Janice Burke and other's are due for some serious BAD KARMA!

On a final note...I noticed you are bragging how great your company is on Facebook. I guess lying is your companies speciality.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Remodeling.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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well I guess I won't be using rebath !


Stay away from ReBath of the southeast....hard to be this is still in business


Wow.....take a chill pill......disgruntled employee. It's not their fault you couldn't do your job.




The owners are dirty players. Recently an employee resigned from the company and the next day the company attempted to fire the person.

Who are these owners? Their nothing but low life people who over charge their customers.

Half of the total employees have left this company in the past 4 months. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.


Everytime Rebath returns to fix something they couldn't do right the first time, they leave me one more tool for my husbands collection! Soon he will need a tool box for all of them...I think we have hillbillies installing for us, that haven't the foggiest what the *** is going on! I feel like I have done most te work, telling them what to do and when