I originally wrote a google online review on November 1st about this company. It was mildly negative. Not the worst experience ever, but a very high price for what they offer, and more importantly - very high pressure sales tactics.

Before i posted that review, the company had about 8 reviews - all written before July of 2010. Miraculously, 3 more amazingly positive reviews popped up within 48 hours of my review. This seemed odd, and i realized the net effect of it was to bump my negative review off the main place page when someone views it. So, i deleted it and reposted it on November 5, 2010. Again, amazingly - a number of fantastic reviews appeared in the ensuing 48 hours ,again, knocking my review off the main page - including one that specifically says "definately not high pressure."

So, before i wrote my review, there were zero reviews in almost four months. Since i wrote my review, 5 super-positive reviews in five days! I posted an update pointing this out, and now once again - reviews have been re-written to appear chronologically after mine - so again, my review is not visibile on the main page.

It is obvious that the company (employees or owners) are simply posting positive reviews about their own company.

This is sad.

What's also disappointing is the Google allows this.

It makes reviews worthless. Anyway, i pledge to keep my review on the place page. If the company keeps posting phony reviews, i will also post new reviews that keep my original post on the place page.

Shame on you rebath

Update: today - there is a post from the owner (Carl) basically casting doubt on my review by implying i must be a competitor since i checked on the status of my review! Seriously?

He also invited me to contact him to discuss my experience. That is reasonable. I will decline that offer though. The entire point about online reviews is to be able to offer them without having to invest more time speaking with the company. This company now has 14 positive reviews on google (all apparently written by the company itself) and my one lone negative review. And at the start - it wasn't even that negative; i just pointed out that the sales tactics were too high pressured. Maybe Rebath could simply acknowledge this feedback and pledge to work on fixing that instead of waging a campaign to elimiinate any negative feedback. Such actions generate more negative feedback....

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Rebath is frantic about bad reviews. The cheapest shot is to claim the one making the review must be a competitor. The cure is not how clever they can manipulate the media to reflect themselves in te best possible ligh but just treat the customer well.


they showed my neighbor a list of customers which included me. Wow!

We do not have a good experience with them. We were expecting a high quality product for the money not this.



but not surprising. Apple, Amazon, and others have had big problems with their ratings systems as companies try to write positive reviews about themselves and drown-out the real customer feedback (heaven forbid it could be bad!!)

sounds like rebath doesn't care at all. Which, given all the customer feedback out there, doesn't seem very surprising at all.

Why anyone would use rebath is beyond understanding.


People look at these reviews to get a information on products and you are not doing this type of website justice by posting these types of reviews. How can customers get real information when you are putting your slanted views on it?



Sorry - i dont believe that for a second. And i'm disappointed you accepted that answer.

Each time, they have posted reviews right after my own, and then stopped.

It is obvious that they are posting phony reviews, written by themselves. Sounds like you condone that, or don't care enough to actually check - which is the same thing.

Rachael P


Thanks for following up with me on this.

We've looked into the reviews and have found that they are truthful testimonials from Kennewick-area customers. Our local franchisee has asked some of his customers to share their experiences online at the completion of their remodel.

We do appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention, regardless, and we always like receiving feedback from our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time in the future.

Thanks again,

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office



it's been a few weeks. What are the results of your investigation?


Okay, I gotta wonder...if "RachaelwithRebath" is telling you to contact Aimee Williams who is in effect Aimee Clark, does this mean that Aimee Clark and Aimee Williams are the same person? So confusing!

If this is indeed the case, then Aimee Williams needs to turn into Aimee Clark and vice versa..

Either way, an "investigation" will lead to nothing more than "I'm so sorry for your trouble, can I offer you a can of caulk?"- Yeah, that'll fix the problem!



Good to see that you will follow up. I look forward to reading the results of your investigation.

Your Tri-Cities/Kennewick office posted phony reviews online on November 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th. After your note, they posted THREE phony reviews on the 12th.

Two weeks ago, they had 6 reviews. Since one negative review appeared, the # of reviews has skyrocketed. It's clear to all that it's completely phony.

Rachael P


Thank you for alerting us to this situation regarding your Google review of your local Re-Bath franchise. I want to let you know that the corporate Re-Bath office has strict guidelines against any Re-Bath employee posting false reviews to any site on the Internet and that we take these matters very seriously. We will investigate this situation further.

I know that you mentioned respectfully declining further contact with your local franchisee, but if you would like to discuss your interaction with Re-Bath with someone at the corporate office, Aimee Williams (a customer service associate in our Tempe office) would be happy to speak with you. You may reach her directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154 or by email at aclark@rebath.com (feel free to CC me at Rachael@rebath.com)

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


In total agreement with you! Post a negative comment, people at Rebath will post a positive comment.

From the comments left on other complaints, the people work at Rebath are posting these comments. What Rebath doesn't get is that they have a *** company, *** employees and a *** product.

Negative comments should alert the company to re-evaluate their policies, procedures, hiring techniques...seems to me that they are too busy covering their tails than working to create solutions to obvious problems.

By inviting people to contact "Aimee Williams", or aclark@rebath.com or Rachael@rebath.com doesn't mean squat. It simply means they read what you wrote and are brushing the complaint under the rug like everything else they do.

Just sayin...


I was also duped into trusting rebath of tri-cities. I can tell you honestly that they have never contacted me since we last talked after court two years ago when the owner said that he would.

All I can tell the people out there in the tri-cities area is first DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY. secondly, DONT SIGN ANYTHING AFTER THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE WORK if you were duped into letting them do your bathroom. The owner runs a crummy company that does crummy work and does not stand behind their crummy work. My shower door still squeaks, the door can't be changed because of the broken bolt in the hinge.

My shower still leaks, and the owner lies to get out of his so called warranty that he offers. Bottom line...the whole Rebath corporation is shady and you would be better off choosing another company.