Ordered Rebath, Barry more than willing to sign contract. stated 6 to 8 weeks.

We had to call them at 10 weeks to see what was going on. They then scheduled installation. They did not show up did not call to tell us they were not coming and have not called to reschedule. It is now 4 plus months later and we are trying to get our deposit back.

They don't want to return phone calls etc. Their office location on their website is no longer there and no fowarding address. This company is a sham..

Called corp headquarters they will try and get a hold of the franchise manager but they stated they really cannot do anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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I have been shafted by Barry Rush and Re-Bath also. Filed small claims in October and law suit is pending. I would only recommend Re-Bath to my worst enemy


PS RXknitter... corporate CAN do something about it if they WANT to after all he IS a franchisee of theirs so if they want to do whats right they will refund the downpayments otherwise they are just making a worse name for their company


No emergency he's just a *** artist taking customers money but not doing the work. Good luck suing - we will definitely be right behind you. From all the complaints about him online, he better just get a motel room close to the courthouse


We called weekly and we were *** and "trying to be nice" and not harass him incase some emergency came up.

We have noe engaged a lawyer


We also signed a contract w/Barry and am waiting for work to start. We're only 1-1/2 weeks past the start date but he keeps promising they will be here but doesn't show.

Can I ask why you have waited 4 MONTHS for work to be done when it's suppose to be started within 8 WEEKS? By 12 weeks, we plan to sue in small claims if they haven't done the work or returned our down payment