We signed a contract in August for a new bathtub/shower surround to be installed in 8 weeks. We called at the end of week 7 to find out when work will begin.

Barry said he was running behind and told us to expect Fri Nov. 2. We called yesterday and today and only get his voicemail, he won't return calls and we can't actually speak to anyone. We have no idea if they are coming Friday or not.

Next week will be 10 weeks out and our bathtub/shower surround is literally falling apart.

Called corporate office today and found out that Barry's in over his head and has had numerous complaints. We just want the work done or our down payment returned!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Location: Wautoma, Wisconsin

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Campbell worked for ReBath in Overland Park. Jewelry and cash are what Overland Park police said one worker stole from families when they hired him to do work in their homes.

Teresa Spiess was excited to redo her bathroom. She hired a local company to refurbish the tub and remove the mold behind the wall. But one week later she said she discovered something else had been removed from her bathroom by one of the workers. "We keep savings in the drawer -- kids' birthday money and college savings, plus money for the bathroom work," she said.

"How much? $6,500." The worker, Bradlee Campbell, was charged in Johnson County court with felony theft not only in the Spiess' case, but two other consumers who had reported to police that they were also ripped off. KCTV5 has learned that he had a criminal record that includes driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. This is something that doesn't sit well with Spiess.

"When am I going to get money?" she said. "I'm not a bank. I'm not trying to hurt the business. I hate that I'm in this position."ReBath declined to talk on camera, but one of the co-owners said they are a reputable company with a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau.

He could not talk about hiring practices. He said a claim has been filed with an insurance company in the Spiess' case and it will take time to process.


Barry took my money too, never did the work or refunded my money. Started small claims suit last month and is pending. Terrible company that cares more about what is said on the internet than helping their customers