We had a pretty lousy experience with Rebath and do not recommend them at all.

We hired them through Home Depot to replace two toilets and redo our shower for $7,880. After they finished the work, we then moved in to paint our bathroom to match. This is when we realized they had taken the silicon caulk and smeared it out up to an inch on the wall and ceiling. This by itself looked rather bad, but on top of that, made painting impossible. Paint just beads up on top of the silicon.

We called them and scheduled for them to come back and fix this. For this second meeting, they did not show up. Three hours after the scheduled time, the worker called and asked if he could come then to do the job. We refused and rescheduled for a third day.

When he finally showed up to do the work, all he did was smear painters caulk on top of the silicon. This looked even worse, and also was impossible to paint.

At this point we called Home Depot and got them involved. Home Depot in turn got Rebath's regional manager involved. He came to our house to survey the job, and immediately agreed it was a lousy job. His plan was to spray hair spray on top of the silcon caulk, as that then allows paint to stick to it. We reluctantly agreed to this.

On visit five, Rebath sent a new person out to try the hair spray technique. Thankfully this guy was pretty good and he disagreed with the hair spray idea. Instead he took a magic eraser and carefully "erased" the excess caulk. He also completly removed the particularly bad line of caulk to start over from scratch. At this point he was told he had to leave and to not finish the job. Keep in mind this is visit 5 at this point. So rather than make things right and finally resolve our issue, we had to schedule a sixth visit.

Between visit 5 and 6 we took magic erasers ourselves and got rid of the remaining bad spots of silicon caulk. Why did it take Home Depot, the regional manager, 5 visits and 3 workers for a simple and effective treatment to surface? Why didn't the very first worker on day one get out a magic eraser and fix his mistakes?

On visit six they returned and recaulked the bad part that he stripped out for redoing on visit five. This time he did a great job with the caulk line, leaving us with a professional and nice looking edge.

Six visits and nearly 8 grand is what it took to get a decent bathroom out of these jokers. Six visits where we had to stay home from work. Rebath never called us to confirm we are happy with the job, they really give off the impression they just don't care. We are quite convinced if we had not hired them through Home Depot, we would have been screwed. It was Home Depot that was able to push for the regional manager and elevate the situation.

We have a second bathroom we'd like redone. We will not be hiring Rebath. We strongly recommend you do the same.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: mostly just educating others so they avoid this company.

ReBath Pros: Final workers work, Final work is acceptable.

ReBath Cons: Not showing up for an appointment, Need regional mgr for resolution, Poor workmanship, Took six visits to resolve.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Sounds like a whinny customer or competitor. You people should get your big girl panties on


hey hey, Rebath employees commenting on my review. *** me dude. For 8 grand I expect a quality job.


I agree, I have also been screwed by re bath. Do not use this company they are terrible.