Orlando, Florida

I saw all of this after contacting ReBath of Mid Florida. I was obviousley very concerned.

But after talking with the girl in the office and she explained that all are independantly owned and they had taken over the previous fanchise owners and also gave me a list of previous customers referrals, I felt more at ease and did end up hiring them. I am soooo glad that I did. everything waqs so easy to set up and the installation went flawlessly. They were very nice and professional also.

I love my bathroom now and show everyone! Cudos to ReBath of Mid Florida.

More owners should be like your company. Best Regars!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

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ReBathe was a BIG disappointment to us. Promised a slip proof floor and after trying to get them to correct this for a year the floor is still slippery.

They come out, pretend to be coating the floor of the shower and nothing has changed. They are very expensive and talk a good game but did not produce for us.



Found this article about a BRONX bathtub and shower installation company that soaked customers and employees has been hung out to dry, thanks to the efforts of a state legislator.

Scores of customers of Re-Bath of the Bronx, which does one-day installation of molded bathtub and shower liners, said they paid for remodeling that was completed late, done shoddily or never done at all, according to an investigation by state Sen. Jeff Klein (D-North Bronx). He said former employees also complained about paychecks that bounced.

As a result of his probe, the company, at 4755A White Plains Road, had its franchise yanked on Friday by Re-Bath LLC, which is based in Mesa, Ariz.

Klein's investigation has found 30 customers complaining about appointments that were not kept, work not finished months after contracted deadlines, and refund checks that bounced. He asked any other dissatisfied customers to call his office at (718) 792- 8500.


The Rebath franchise said that they are each independently owned. OK.

Isnt the idea of a franchise to have a uniform product regardless of owner. If I bought something in Flordia I would think it would be the same product in Washington regardless of who owns the the franchise. Otherwise they should just call themselves XYZ Corp. In the past five year Rebath around Orlando There has had four different owners.

A couple of them skipped out owning a grip of money to everyone. Something tells me that Rebath is not a golden ticket for the owner.

They also have wonderful lifetime warrenty they proudly wave as I discovered covers only the plastic walls NOTHING else and if any warrenty is made by one owner it does not mean it will be honored by another one. Rachael must be really happy that anyone said something positive about Rebath even if it sounds like the newest owner of Rebath of Mid Flordia.

Rachael P

Dawn of moon,

Thank you for choosing Re-Bath and for sharing your story. We appreciate you giving us the chance to remodel your bathroom.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office