Hdawne: My name is Brad Kemp, I am the owner of Rebath in Austin, Tx, and would like to respond to your comments.

I would first like to apologize for any hassle we have caused for you or you or your family. However, I believe there are a few discrepancies in your comments. I will start with the time frames. When your grandparents decided to remodel both of their bathrooms with us, it was explained to them in detail how our process works. Once our customers sign a contract with us, we then order all of the materials needed for their remodel. Because everything we use is custom for each particular bathroom, this process can take several weeks to order and receive all necessary materials. Then we must inspect the items, and ensure we have all materials before we schedule the install. We remodel hundreds of bathrooms a year, and typically when we are ready to schedule a job, our schedule is full for the next few weeks. This is why we tell all of our customers that we will start the project 6-8 weeks from the time the contract is signed. This is stated on your grandparents' contract. Furthermore, it is not in fine print; it is handwritten in, right above their signature. They signed a contract with us on May, 9th 2011, and we began the work on schedule (6 weeks later) on June 20th, 2011.

Cost of the job: Was this job expensive? Yes it was. Most remodeling can vary in price, but can be costly. For your grandparents, we did full and complete remodels in both bathrooms. That included: New Shower bases, bathtubs, tub & shower valves, tub & shower walls, new flooring, wainscoting, new vanities, counter tops, sink fixtures, flooring, and various accessories. This house was 50-years-old, and we did an extensive amount of work in both bathrooms, including bringing all of the plumbing up to current code. The original contract your grandparents signed was for $26,000.00 (roughly $13,000 apiece). The average cost of a bathroom remodel in the state of Texas in 2011 was $16,552, per the Cost vs Value report done by Remodeling Magazine (who is the industry leader in such facts, basically the Kelly Bluebook of remodeling). The report is attached here for anyone's information: http://www.remodeling.hw.net/2011/costvsvalue/division/west-south-central.aspx (you will most likely have to copy and paste the link) That $16,552.00 price tag is based on: "Update an existing 5-by-7-foot bathroom. Replace all fixtures to include 30-by-60-inch porcelain-on-steel tub with 4-by-4-inch ceramic tile surround; new single-lever temperature and pressure-balanced shower control; standard white toilet; solid-surface vanity counter with integral sink; recessed medicine cabinet with light; ceramic tile floor; vinyl wallpaper." Basically, a bunch of materials bought from one of the "Big Box" stores. We did not use these somewhat inferior products, and your grandparents' bathrooms were not basic 5 x 7 bathrooms. We used all custom products ordered specifically for your grandparents' home. We also put a Lifetime warranty on all of the work that we did, as well as all of the products. Bottom line, your grandparents' bathrooms needed a lot work, which we were able to provide at a cost less than that of the State average, with a better warranty than anyone in the business.

Delays: Were there delays on their job? Yes there were. This house is 50-years-old, and needed extensive plumbing repair (which we provided) at NO extra cost to them. We admittedly had a few mistakes on our end, by our product-ordering people, and scheduling department. We are human beings, and mistakes can happen from time to time. However, the 2 week delay you mentioned was the choice of your grandfather, and out of our control. Halfway through the project, he decided to make changes, and add additional materials. Adding additional materials will raise the price of ANY job. As stated earlier, we did additional plumbing work as no extra cost. The only time a price changes from the original contract is when a customer upgrades (ex: adding additional materials) or downgrades. Your comments regarding how the job started at $30,000 for 2 bathrooms and by the end of it costing close $40K, is misguiding. The price did go up because your grandfather purchased additional materials. Also as mentioned earlier, we had to order these custom materials, and wait for them to be delivered, before we could complete the project. They were made aware of the new timeframes when they decided to make these changes, and further, understood that it would it would take a few weeks to receive additional materials. Should we have completed this project faster than we did? Yes we should have, I will admit that. I wish things would have gone smoother.

Details: I have personally reviewed the pictures of the detail work you mention. I have no rebuttal about that. There were some obvious workmanship issues in the bathroom, and I am embarrassed about them. We have since returned to your grandparents' home and replaced all of the materials that needed to be replaced, and repaired all items that needed repair and the workers, that did a poor job in this home, are no longer employed with my company). I apologize for any delays on this. When we originally completed the work, we did a walk through with your grandfather of both bathrooms. We filled out a Customer Approval Checklist with him, and he signed off on all of the work. It was not until we were contacted by you, that I was made aware of these issues, which are now resolved.

We remodel over 400 bathrooms a year, and the majority of these remodels are done quickly, efficiently, timely, and with 100% satisfaction. I personally apologize for this particular project not meeting yours, or my expectations. I hope that the repairs we have made have met your expectations, and you are happy with the work (even though you are not happy with us). If there are any further issues, please feel free to contact me.

Brad Kemp, Owner

Rebath of Travis County


Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Remodeling.

Location: Austin, Texas

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I had a bathroom renovation done by Rebath of SW & central VA. The technician who did the work was competent & polite & did a good job.

However after he left I saw that some nails had penetrated the wall damaging the sheetrock on my staircase wall.

Attempts to have this corrected have been stalled by the company although they did send someone out to photograph the damage! Attempts to reach the corporate office by phone or Email have been unsuccessful.I suppose the next step will have to be litigation


That rebath guy has a lot of explanation, seems he protest too much.


I will print this & give to homedepot they will want to here that you are calling their stuff junk since they recommend you we thought you used their junk


Did the contractees ever get satisfaction on this issue?


I don't know about anyone else, but if I am having work done in my home, I want them to have "specialized skills" in these departments. If they don't, paint can bleed through, flooring is uneven and then piping can leak causing more damage.

If I need to pay a little extra to make sure a company is properly insured and licensed as well as trained, then so be it. You don't want to hire a "shade tree" contractor that you will have trouble getting to come back for repairs. Also, you may need to think about what else this owner has to pay for besides workers comp insurance, general liability insurance, licenses, freight, fuel and vehicle upkeep, has to pay salesman, installers, main materials plus all other materials that tie into the main materials so the main materials can be properly installed. You have no idea how much items cost.

Not to mention this owner is paying for Internet service he is having to use to defend his company from someone that has no idea what's going on. I have purchased ReBath in Georgia for my home and purchased ReBath for my mother and grandmother in other states and love it!!


I have been contracting for about thirty years and never had the need to give someone a breakdown of a bid unless it was a cost plus contract. Otherwise the customer will just cherry pick you to death. I am wondering why you feel the need to do that, the project should stand by itself.


“To Owner”

All of your questions were answered in my original post. These were not standard 5x8 bathrooms, and they needed extensive amounts of work, not “refreshing the bathroom.” I am not arguing with your math, those prices you listed are pretty much industry standard for a basic bathroom, however we did much more than you described. We are a complete bathroom remodeler, and we use custom products for every bathroom, using a variety of different materials. We can do anywhere from basic remodels using standard (yet still custom) products, up to high end remodels using natural stone, high end fixtures, tubs, shower base, etc. The price of each remodel depends on the customer’s preference. What they choose to put in their homes is their business. We can do complete remodels starting at a few thousand dollars, all the way up to ten of thousands of dollars, depending on what our customers want.

Based on the language you used in your comment (Phase 1, Phase 2), I have to assume that you are in the business (and most likely a competitor of mine), and are somehow trying to make my company look over priced. If you are a competitor of mine, I would appreciate the common courtesy not to post such things, as I would never attempt to smear another companies name on websites such as this. Commenting on such things without knowing the details is somewhat distasteful, especially when you comment on whether or not we are ethical. I started this business from nothing, and I now employ twenty three people. I provide a good living wage for twenty three families, many who make wages that exceed my own. We do not have windfall profits every year, we pay our taxes, and we do everything the right way, and put we put a lifetime warranty on everything we do. I take great pride, in the services we provide for our customers, and amount of people we can employee. We have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have of only had 1 complaint in the past 5 years (which was resolved in less than 24 hours). I take serious offense to you questioning my ethics. If you truly have concerns about something, my phone number is listed below. I would try to contact you personally, but due to your anonymity (using the name “To Owner”), I cannot.

Thank you,

Brad Kemp, Owner

Rebath of Travis County



I am having a problem following the logic of your price justification for this elderly couple. If we are talking about refreshing a bathroom where the original footprint is to remain the same (no walls are move and the plumbing fixtures are merely removed and replaced) then the cost of $15,000 per bathroom is hard to justify.

Let’s break the project into a phase I and phase II and examine the costs. In phase I, we will be replacing a toilet, a vanity and counter top, paint a room, and lay flooring in a 5X8 foot room all of which are handy man type work requiring no large amount of specialized job skills. The rate in Texas for doing these items are $800, $1500, $600, $500 or all together $3400. The price of $15,000 quoted less the $3400 for phase I leave $11,600 for a new bathtub, enclosure, surround, and mixer valve.

A quick call for estimates for phase I got bids using tile at the low end of $4200 to the higher end of $6.500 for Swan Stone. Where did the $6,000 balance or one-third of the budget go? It appears that what was done was legal but is it ethicial?

I say no.. Was this an elderly tax?