Rebath of Houston ripped off my 72 year old mother by charging over $10,000.00 for a piece of *** plastic shower. The told her she was getting a great "deal" and had to decide TODAY.

What she got was flimsy plastic walls and a lot of clean up after they left in a hurry with the check.

Terrible that this is not against the law. Beware Rebath of Houston!

Location: Walnut Creek, California

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The product is not worth the cost. It is just a cover over a problem. You will end up with water under the tub in a short while and if it is out of their year warranty - too bad.


My wife was pushing to see what these people had to offer. They gave us that "only today could we get their great deal!" Their great deal was $12000.

I had a local tile man put in a new cast iron tub and Daltile thick set walls. A new tile floor and vanity was installed. It came to $5000. We will going to Hawaii twice on the difference.

Be warned about using these companies they do a lot of hype, the hype is expensive and someone has to pay for it. YOU!


We're sorry to hear that you believe that your mother had a bad experience, but we fully stand behind all of our work and our absolutely not in the business of ripping people off or installing shoddy materials. We always clean up our mess, we have excellent high quality standards, and we have an immaculate showroom showcasing all of our materials so that you can see them before you buy them.

We also offer many different kind of products, from acrylic to natural stone, that your mother had to choose from. I take this matter very seriously and invite you to contact me at 281-894-4600 to resolve this issue immediately - Greg Moore, Owner