For over 8,000.00 my Mother received a floor that consisted of 20 big tiles, bathtub and the shower wall. For a remodeling!

That is it! They have already come out and had to re-do the floor from where it leaked under the toilet. I do not believe they need to say they are remodelers if they do not remodel. They are installers and that is it!

They should take some of the money they are false advertising with and go to some siminares on how to and what the definition of remodeling is!!!!!!! I also believe when they come to the home to present the product they are using like the different flooring looks, bath tub colors and shower walls should be smaller and easier to really tell what and how things will look after the "Remodel" will look like at the end. Now she is stuck with this Gaudy looking bathroom that looks like it was done in the 80"s!!

I could have done better myself going to Lowes Home Improvement to decorate and a Plumber to fix the old plumbing problems! This is Terrible and money washed down the drain, so to speak!!!!

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

ReBath Cons: Price is to high for the little bit of remodeling received.

Location: Kernersville, North Carolina

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