Rebath was at the home and garden show here in Birmingham, so my wife went ahead and made an appointment to get an estimate.We wanted to convert an existing shower into a tub (since we don't have a tub in our home).

Rebath showed up, they were two young gentlemen. So, now I know I'm in trouble, two people who probably don't even own homes are now going to give me an estimate. The go through their whole slideshow and presentation. Then they proceed to start calling people who live down the street from us, to tell us how great a job they do!

Now, i didn't know the people they were calling, I can about guess that they were "paid spokespersons". Then they give me the estimate dollar amount, hold on to your hats.... $7,255!!! Which is just $604/month on their interest free payment plan!

That's almost as much as my *** mortgage! Please keep in mind, this wasn't a total bathroom redo, this was a tub install! Literally move a wall 6" to the right, install a tub, install the walls, install a new spigot/showerhead! I started laughing, which they didn't like.

Then I started asking them technical questions about their material, i.e. the wall components, the bathtub, the faucet and the adhesive they attach the panels to the wall with. They looked at me like I had slapped them in the face! They then proceeded to tell me how i should just go ahead and use someone else, and that they'd install their product with other company's installation methods!

They were at my house for 2.5 hours, they never budged on price.

What a waste of time...I'll follow up if I get any further info from these jokers...


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Dothan, Alabama, United States #935398

A VERY questionable product.Went to Rebath of the Soutneast so-called showroom and was NOt impressed.

The product looks like plastic.

I've heard stories that their very proud of the product(price).My advise...look at other options, or you will be sorry.

to Anonymous #1048228

New Bath

to Anonymous #1302693

The product is plastic and the service after the sale is awful.

Bathroom looks sad.

Dothan, Alabama, United States #839758

I own a modest $60,000 home and the estimate for my small bath was $12,000.I felt like crying but I found someone on Craig List who put in the bathtub and tile walls for $2500.

The new bathtub is wonderful.

to WHomes Birmingham, Alabama, United States #895245

60,000 is not a modest home.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #835090

Also not to mentuon the fact that a whole wall is coming out and moving 6". Doesn't sound lime much but its not just sliding it over like a piece of furniture. And you adding additional plumbing and fixtures with a tub and shower.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #835087

Well having been in remodeling for 20 years yes it can be done cheaper.That being the key word CHEAP.

But when you are using superior products that are natural or a thick acrylic that os infused and made with microban built into it and thick with rich stone looks and a lifetime warranty that won't chip cracj or break even when hit with a hammer.

Then you have something.I would suggest Luxury Bath.


Had ReBath come by for an estimate.A tiny master bath, one small shower, replaced, small sink replaced, new small flooring, and some lighting installed over the sink.

The cost?

$14,000.no thanks.


this doesn't even sound real. This guy sounds like a disgruntled competitor who doesn't know how to compete. :cry

Dothan, Alabama, United States #779670

Looked at product in showroom in Dothan, al.Was not very impress with product or personnel.

Estimated price was outrageous.:x

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