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My opinion and view only, is as related below:

It's "Buyer Beware" here. These people look good, sound good and tell you "Their Honest People." The Salesman totally misrepresented the product and quoted wrong prices.

The product was delivered about two months late. The tub promised was never installed. They installed what they wanted! The tub flexes around the drain and the false wall built at the end on the tub was made from scrap lumber and broken green board.

We paid half of the price (approx. $2800.00) up front and were told the balance due would be financed as we requested. At the completion of the job, full payment was demanded. We complied with their promise to hold our written check until deposit was made (another lie). Once final payment was made, they continue to harass us for an additional $800.00 + late fee for the check. We refused and paid only the amount agreed to on the invoice.

They related the salesperson spoke poor English and subsequently misrepresent the product and price! The Addition on the invoice was incorrect (in their favor!). The initial installer was unprofessional. He spoke frequently on his cell phone and complained to his employer for owing him money for jobs already done.

The finished product is very substandard and not the "One Piece Sealed Unit" represented! I believe I could have gotten the same quality and workmanship by paying an unlicenced Handyman for half the price!

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You paid half? That is a staight up violationof the California contracting law that says the most they can collect is 10%.

Contact the contractor's board, there are several district office and complain.

Everyone else - do not pay half down for something that is not delivered. What kind of fools are you?

Just like the saying goes .... A fool and his money.....

@10% Down

It is time to stop complaining and organize. We need to get injunctions against all Re Bath franchises from doing business until the national office addresses the tsunami of complaints. If they refuse, it is time for all of us to start a class action law suit against Re Bath.

Rachael P

Thanks for asking!

Yes – I am a real person. My name is Rachael and I work with Re-Bath to help respond to the online concerns of customers. Re-Bath has committed to making sure the quality of their product and craftsmanship is top notch and that its customers are happy and satisfied.

I hope that I can answer some of your questions and address any concerns about Re-Bath.

Unfortunately, many customers do not follow-up on our outreach and thus we aren't able to support them further. Please contact Lisa O’Rander in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 147 or by email at lorander@rebath.com to discuss your situation further. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office

@Rachael P

Jayson Brewer and the *** at SVC ReBath cost me over seven thousands dollars in mold damage because of their substandard work. They he closed up the franchise and went into hiding.

I contacted the Re Bath national office in Tempe Arizona and they jerked me around for three months...made offers to have another franchise come in a fix the job...and then tried to pass the buck to the insurance company for the out of business franchise.

These people are absolute crooks.


Is it just me, or has everyone else on this site that has suggested there is no Rachael, and that 'she' is just a name rebath uses to pretend their care about customers, noticed that every email address at rebath includes the person's last name. nmurdock@rebath.com, dsanders@rebath.com, except rachael@rebath.com

Also, not ONE person who has received a "i'm so sorry, please contact me" message from RACHAEL posted an update saying "Rachael solved my problem, thanks"

not one.

Rebath. Everyone knows

Rachael P

SCV Re-Bath,

We are sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your experience with Re-Bath. We’d like to discuss this with you further and put you in contact with someone who can resolve any issues you may have.

Please contact Lisa O’Rander in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 147 or by email at lrizzo@rebath.com (CC me at Rachael@rebath.com), and we’ll do our best to help resolve your situation.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


Jayson is THEE most unprofessional "business owner" I have ever met. Their work sucks, they show up late to jobs, they are completely unprofessional.

And for the record - they DO hire ex-cons. I say buyer beware: DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS!


The contract customer sign clearly shows that customer decide not to pay Re-Bath the amount own.

Customer complains about no understanding consultant English but also shows signature on a contract that explains conditions on his agreement with Re-Bath.

Re-Bath only offers option for payments on consultations and process request on the time of the initiation of agreements never at the time of completions. This secure a a risk free for Re-Bath and Customers.


SVC Rebath does not hire "people who have been in the pen". There are a lot of things that I would like but I can not afford and this was just another case where it is the same.

A bucket of water and wash cloth is all that anyone needs to clean themselves.

Anything more is just frills. I think for what you wanted to spend that is all you could afford.

Rachael P


I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Re-Bath. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and I can assure you we will look into this matter.

If you wish to speak with someone in our customer service department, please contact Aimee Williams directly at480) 844-1575 ext. 154 or by email at aclark@rebath.com (CC me at Rachael@rebath.com ).

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


I had SCV Re-Bath come to my 68 year old mothers home for a meeting and talk price. Jason and another man with with graying hair showed up.

Looked around and looked at the bathroom We felt very uncomforable as they where joking around in a very unaproperate unprofessional manner, I was not empressed with what seemed to be SHADEY people in my mothers home doing work so I went to a compeditor. If you have a bad feeling go find someone else to do the work Later on I found out that the other man with Jason was a man who did time in Calif, State Pen and has a record a mile log.

This is not the type of people I want in my home. Do you?



I would love any and all information you can give me regarding SCV-ReBath. I see that it was reported to the BBB also. What's interesting is the owner claims he

s not working, claims he doesn't make an income when infact these comments prove otherwise. Looking forward to hearing from you.


The above customer has missinformed you. Please feel free to contact SCV Rebath for the true account.

The product was not misrepresented and allthough an error occured in the price quote all corrections were initialed by the customer at the time of the sale.

No additional money was requested, only the amount agreed apon in the contract. The customer was requested to pay only the amount they still owe and not the NSF fees charged due to there bounced check.


Sounds like we are missing a BIG portion of the story here....

What was the company contracted to do exactly? I know with Re-Bath they have a page that says the exact price you are supposed to pay.

The price they then demanded was different from that price? I have had Re-Bath come in and a big portion of their pitch is that they do NOT do the one-piece system. Did you listen? I know to that with financing you have to be approved before they even start the job and if you choose to go that route, YOU are the one that calls the financing company.

What exactly happened here? Please give more details for clarification....

Rachael P

Hi Tworbs,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience with your local provider. We’d like to discuss this with you further.

Please contact Aimee Williams in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154 or by email at aclark@rebath.com (CC me at Rachael@rebath.com).

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office