Discovered Rebath at Puyallup Fair. Had a consultation, paid 50% down payment, didn't get bathtub until almost a year later even though we were told we'd get it in three months.

When they finally came to install the bathtub, they asked us to sign the paperwork that everything looked okay, and asked for rest of payment. Two hours later when we went back in the bathroom, we discovered that the woman explaining everything stood right over a spot where they took a chunk out of our new linoleum floor to cover up the damage they did with her foot.

They ruined our floor, AND we didn't even get a discount for waiting more than the three months promised. This place is a total disaster!

Nobody cares about you as a customer and consumer. Everyone we dealt with was very nonchalant about everything, like they didn't even care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Customer Care.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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Rebath not only screw its customers but they let the franchisee screw the employees as well. i worked for rebath of central florida, no rebath of mid florida, as the general manager for Richard Sasto, current owner of Rebath of Long Island.

I quit the company 2 1/2 years ago and found out about a month ago I have a $18,000.00 judgement against me for advertising rebath did in the Florida Today, a Scripps publication. I signed the contract as directed by Richard Sasto and now he sold the franchise to the current owners and he stiffed many vendors in the Orlando area for money.

Rich Sasto is the most dishonest person I know and Rebath Corp should be ashamed that he is still a franchise holder in the Great State of New York. All should avoid Rebath of Long Island like a bad virus


Re-Bath knows how bad their Franchise operations are. Re-Bath complaints mean nothing to the corporate office as long as they are getting their money from the franchise.

Re-Bath prices are extremely high, they pay maybe 200 dollars for something they will charge the customer 3,000 for and then won't do the warranty work they promise when it breaks or peels off walls.

The franchise I worked for would just buy the most inexpensive thing they could find from a local store and install that instead and pocket the rest of the money for vacations and fancy cars. Do not deal with Re-Bath they will cheat you and you will be sorry for ever knowing them.


I can't believe Rebath is still in business. There are people all across the country, including ourselves, with complaints of having their deposits taken with no work done or getting horrible work not even remotely receiving what they ordered.

This whole franchise operation needs investigating and shutting down.

How they haven't been taken down by the government for fraud is beyond me. IF YOU EVER HIRE REBATH ANYWHERE YOU WILL BE SORRY!


Situations like this are all over the web and all across the country. Something needs to be done to help consumers dealing with this place!

My family and I had a horrible situation with them in 2007 and have seen nothing but similar complaints since then. It's a shame they continue to get away with doing this to people.