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The worst decision. I have ever having Bath Fitter. Terrible job on my shower

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Mills River, North Carolina

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Mold repeats the cycle almost every 3 to 4 years even with maintaining the bathrooms. The nature of the beast....MOLD!

We had two bathrooms done going on 10 years now and if we would have done our homework we more than likely would have never gotten involved with ReBath.

I was told by the service guy on the last visit that if we were maintaining the cleaning that we would not be seeing ANY mold in either bathroom.

All I have to say is BS!! He even said there was a residue on the shower basin! WTF!! There is no residue it was cleaned the day before and wiped out this morning before he arrived after showering this morning.

The service guy was very rude and did a terrible job. I wish they would provide the caulk so we can update if needed. Then I would not have to deal with this very rude individual. Maybe he had not had his coffee for the day!

In my opinion when you spend almost what it cost to send a kid to college for two bathrooms that you should stand behind your product.

Maybe the real issue is that the mold is behind the walls and will continue to grow regardless of how much you maintain and clean! Ticked Off and totally insulted!