Requested a quote from Re-bath on a very specific promotion they were doing at a Sams Club store. Could not give me a ballpark quote on the site, so I scheduled an appointment for salesperson to come on my site.

Keep in mind I only wanted a quote on a specific arrangement (promotion #)they had displayed and in return a salesperson shows up and walks in with his huge satchel full of wares and paper work. Fine, so I offered to walk him to the bathroom in question to get measurements. It was obvious at this point that I would have to listen to a long presentation (not necessary)and be subjected to strong sales pressure (not necessary). To get to the crux of it,we did not get a quote because Re-Bath policy according to this so called salesman was that my wife had to be present and it was obvious that we were going to have to listen to a long spill on colors,types of coverings etc.

All I wanted was for the salesman to take his measurement and analysis of this job and give me a ballpark quote on a specific Re-Bath promotion. What if I did not have a wife? What would they do? The point is they walked away without giving me a quote and as a result,lost this job.

They could come back begging for my business and I would not give it to them. They are by far not the only game in town. Who in the *** do these people or company think they are? Am I the only one who thinks like this.

I have been in professional sales for a fortune 500 company in the past, and never in all of the professional sales courses that I have taken would I ever conduct business like this. Sincerely, Gary Lathan, Mobile Alabama

Location: Mobile, Alabama

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I had these guys come out. Same high pressure sales, although they said if they found mold they would remove it.

Nu Bath came too tried high pressure sales but when I insisted they cut to the price they did. Nu Bath wont do mold remission. Its a shame remodel contractors use sales techniques that would shame a used cars salesman.

I have no trust in any contractors because of these methods. No sale guys


A quick quote on the phone doesn't offered the opportunity build the value of the product. A customer would just be comparing a tile surround to a tile surround and not the extraordinary value of the unique products offered by the company.

So sure, comparing the difference in a $3000 Daltile tile surround to a $8500 Daltile job may not on the surface seem reasonable. So, keep an open mind for a moment and let me explain why there is no difference but in-fact the lower price will cost you more in the long run.

Our patented installation process will make all the difference.


Just asked for quote. I agree with above.

Why can't I get a 'ball park' figure easily? I'm just thinking of maybe redoing my bathroom. Ball park to me could easily be $1000 more/less depending on 'extras', fixtures and such. Offered to give me 'free quote, quick and easy'.

There was nothing quick or easy about it. I don't want a salesperson or to sit and listen to any presentation.


I worked for ReBath for a time. Their product is NOT what you get off the shelf at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Good grief the shower base weighs almost 100 pounds. It's not a thin layer of fiberglass over Styrofoam.

And tile grout does leech water through, its porous and provides an opportunity for mold growth. The ReBath product is solid surface and does not grow mold or mildew.


I am looking at working for Re Bath as a sales rep, this blog is starting to scare me. Sounds like Kirby vacuums that I sold for eight years way back in my 20's. Any other sales coments on Re Bath would be great, good or bad, I hope good.


The sales lady came and I had to listen to her sales talk and she insisted I look through a 3 in. tall binder of testimonials of pleased customers while she did measurements in the bathroom.

I told her I was not sure what I wanted and was just looking to help me decide. I want tile around a tub, she said that is not a good idea because it is too porous. LOL! The kicker, I had to sign a contract right then or an extra 10% would be added on to the estimate..Even if I liked their product, which I don't, I would never work with them.


High pressure sales in a carlot, maybe...but on a bath remodel. I don't think so!


This is Aimee of Re-Bath. I am sorry to discover the issues that are being detailed in this thread.

We work to make sure provided estimates and services are clearly communicated.

If you have concerns that I can help you address, please don't hesitate to contact me. My email is awilliams [@] ambath.com.


Joe Little, Rebath sells for Home Depot. It is the same low quality, low priced material which barely meets the material standards.

They just put lipstick on a pig and jack up the price. I got an estimate for over $6000 for something they sell in the store for $600. I found a product called American Bath at Lowes which is a tile product and installed in a day.

We installed it ourselves and it is wonderful. Rebath / Home Depot days are numbered.


Rebath was a vendor at the local home & garden show this weekend. I had the same experience!!

I wanted to set up an appt at the show and because I could not guarantee my spouse would be present, they would not!! Fine with me, I can read between the lines...this means they plan on making a sale before leaving my home.

Not the way I make major purchase decisions. This was a BIG red flag for me not to trust this company.


How do you expect to get an estimate when you have not seen the bathroom??? My expericence with Rebath was great.

Go down to Home Depot and get you a $600 tub. You will be sorry


I worked for Rebath for a few months when I was between jobs here in Maryland. What you see is real and not just a single event; it is called their "REBATH sales system".

The idea is to wear you down so that you will sign a contract because you will think that you will have to sit thru another two hour grind with another company if you don't sign today. It is purely a high pressure sell. Good for you in having knowning that it is you not the salesman who calls the shots.

No one should ever be afraid to hurt their feelings it is just a numbers game to them and they just go onto the next prospect without giving you another thought.

They still owe me money on sales I made for them that I will never get but "when you lie with dogs......"