My tub liner started to come up from the tub underneath. I have been trying for more than a year to get it replaced. The liner is now completely away from the tub. Standing on it is like trying to balance on a moving ship in the middle of a turbulent ocean. My husband...
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I didn't like
  • Long time to resolve issue
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Rebath ======= We had a pretty lousy experience with Rebath and do not recommend them at all. We hired them through Home Depot to replace two toilets and redo our shower for $7,880. After they finished the work, we then moved in to paint our bathroom to match. This is...
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Happy Al

Sounds like a whinny customer or competitor. You people should get your big girl panties on

I liked
  • Final work is acceptable
  • Final workers work
I didn't like
  • Need regional mgr for resolution
  • Not showing up for an appointment
  • Poor workmanship
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