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Maricel Gotay has stated complete falsehoods about me on this site. She is absolutely a disgruntled employee who quit without notice.

She received her full pay including vacation pay due. I will be contacting an attorney tomorrow morning to start a lawsuit for slandering me. Just for the record, I was an absentee owner in Florida and had nothing to do with discrimination. Maricel Gotay, who is Hispanic, worked for me for approximately 8 years.

Why? I am an equal opportunity employer and have never uttered anything that could be construed as racist. As for Terry Gowen, he is also a disgruntled employee who conspired to quit my employ and start his own business with all of my employees. This attemp failed and he began to send many email to me and the people who worked for me.

The reason he received the judgement is because he signed for advertising without my authorization. The simple reason was he was receiving a 10% commission for all sales plus a 2% commission on all sales made by any of the other salespeople.

I have remained silent for two years because I did not want to deal with former employees who obviously do not know how to control themselves but enough is enough. I have a lot more to add to this Maricel but I'll do that when we get to court.

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Rebath is an Arab company? Don't believe any of the BS written on these types of websites. Anadani is a high caste Hindu Indian name, you flat headed hillbilly.


The Dave Sanders comment is a little dated

AMRISH ANANDANI is chairman at Re-Bath, LLC from the United Arab Emirates

"ooh rah."


What a brunch of whimper girls. Take control and take care of business or shut the *** up.


Maybe you were not praying enough to Dave Sander the god head. Their competitor Bathfitter has ben sued over being a cult.

Can Rebath be far behind?

If you say no than critize Dave Sanders and see if you are not labeled an anethise and banished to the hinder land. I think they are just a vendor of some shoddy products.

@Rebath Cult

Yes he was yes it is !!!


The only one who Lies, Lies, and Bigger Lies......I Richard Sasto!

How's your weekend going Rich?

Hope is relaxing and fruitful!

Pay your bill, do the right thing for once!

Bent O

Yeah!!!! perfect response!!!

You Rock!


I was gonna use rebath, but after reading this I wouldn't let any of you guys step one foot on my property. Plus if any of you guys ripped me off ID kicked your *** :(


Exactly that what happens, people buy these franchises that have no experience at all in the building trade and you have to learn it as you go along, making mistake after mistake after mistake. *** customers off.

Just read it all over the internet. Rich Sasto would not send anyone to training, let them hang out with one of the other unexperenced installers maybe after a job or two give them one to try....that was and i'm sure still his motto.


What is the old saying? When everyone else is wrong then I must be the one wrong.

Sasto has a lot of disgruntled eemployees.

There is no requirement in Rebath is be a good boss or even to be a good workman just sell the product.

The franchor will say sell it and we will figure out how to install it later. Not much is said about quality workmanship.


Rich Sasto told me to do the same thing that Maricel stated here about turning Home Dept jobs into Rebath jobs. I have a list of the Jobs that were converted over to Rebath. I will call Home Depot myself and be a Whistle Blower, and let them know what went on 2 years ago and eveidently still going on.

I did not do unauthorized advertising, why would I do that for what benefit. I had 4 sales people to generate leads for. how do you generate leads without advertising.

Either way, why should I have to pay for advertising of another mans business.

You can bring on any lawsuit you wish Rich Sasto, you were a chicken s_ _ _ _ to not even let me know that a lawsuit was filed against you and had me named in it. And that is what caused the default Judgement. I look forward to the day I see you in a court of Law, and I have three other people that would be happy to testifly for Maricel, Remember :Marcello, Inram, and the Mother and daughter african americans that were forced to quit for not cleaning and scrubing the bathroom. And Rob,in New York, if your still with Rich Sasto, watch your back, you wouldn't believe the things that Rich said to me on the golf course about you........DART. Am I a disgruntled employee....*** No...I'm one *** Mad ex-employee that did nothing wrong to deserve this $22,000.00 judgement.

So what if I quit to start my own business, its the American way. pay up.

@Bent over by Rebath

Bent over, how many times have you been bent over? What a fitting name. You must enjoy it.