Whatever you do don't pay Rebath in full prior to installation. I kept calling them for weeks and telling them that I was sure that if I had not paid, they would have come back and done our job.

I think that if I was going to hand them half of the money for the job, they would have come back. They were going and getting other suckers money. The people who finally came were nice enough and they said that they had nothing to do with scheduling. My Mom waited about 2 1/2 months.

Then they left and left the access panel to the plumbing on the floor. Her cat can get up in the wall so he can't go in the room. She had to keep the door closed all the time. She is 85 and this is very upsetting to her.

I have called and called. I would fix it if I could. It has been 2 weeks and they still have not bothered to go back. It would take them 10-15 minutes but obviously they don't care.

If I owned such a company, I would do it myself if I had to. It has been a horrible experience. I told them I was going to tell everyone I know and I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Seniors Beware! Widows Beware!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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It is a scam and terrible investment for your home. Although the product itself is not that bad, it is the installation and sale that make this company a joke.

The prices are marked up beyond belief. A tub only cost the company around $400 and the simple white wall is only $200. If you buy a valve and trim kit they charge over $900. It only cost around $150 from any supply house.

Seriously they charge $250 for a $40 grab bar. And anchoring it into studs, yeah right. They use those cheap plastic anchors. The walls are held up with spray glue and a little special stuff they called butyl.

Good product but wrong application. They all eventually come loose, and they might come back and pump a bunch of adhesive behind the wall and try to restick it. The more you pay the more the salesman makes. They will sell you a $4000 bathroom and turn around the next day and sell the exact same thing for $2800.

If you do not sign a contract the day of the sales pitch they say you won't get this "great deal" again. Not true, if you don't sign they will keep calling and eventually give you almost $2000 off.

They call it a rehash. They constantly call people at the end of the year to get more $ on their books.


I agree, Anonymous, that Cary guy was pretty shady to say the least-I don't even think he is there anymore and that's a good thing. He made so many verbal promises that he wouldn't or couldn't follow through with just to 'get the sale'...

Funny thing is, when he was at my home he said he would be there every step of the process, but never returned calls or anything-typical of guys like him... When the installer showed up and said that he couldn't do the job like the manager promised because it wasn't in the contract I was furious, but what saved the day (and my sanity) was when the installation guy got on the phone with the owner of the company-the OWNER! Talk about going the extra mile! Needless to say the owner came out and made sure that it got done and that I was truly satisfied.

He really stepped up and because of him I have a beautiful bathroom and really feel like I matter as a customer to him and his business; a real 'old school' approach that many places don't take anymore and that really changed my opinion about this company and their services.


they are very shady. they have a sales manager kerry that will say anything and promise everything to get you to sign a contract.

he is one of the most dishonest people I have ever met in my life. I don't want him anywhere near my home ever again.