In May 2018 my wife and I decided we wanted to remodel our two bathrooms. we called America's Windows and they gave us a quote and explained that they could not do the whole job and offered to assist us in finding a handy man to finish the job. The total price came to more than we expected.

We started calling around to get estimates and got little response. We did get a response from Home Depot who referred Re-Bath to us.

On may 19, 2018 Chad (James) Hardison a salesman from Re-Bath came out to see what we wanted and to give an estimate. We explained what we wanted was one company to do all the work we did not want to deal with several different contractors to have finished bathrooms. Chad assured me that have people for that and it will be done the way we wanted. I explained to Chad in the Master Bath we want to remove whirlpool tub and replace with a shower, we wanted the shower removed and made into a closet. We wanted to be rid of the double vanity and have a single vanity installed new mirror faucets and counter top. We also wanted new toilet and specified wanted American Standard. The sales rep tried to tell me I did not want that and I explained that we currently have Mansfield and had to replace the insides so they would flush properly. New flooring, the closet finished with wood shelving and a door. Also finishing the walls bath painted white. . Towel hook and towel ring and paper holder. All in brushed nickel.

In the hall bath replacing tub with a shower replacing toilet, sink, cabinet, mirror and new flooring like the master bath. Finishing walls and painted white. Towel bar and towel ring and paper holder. All in brushed nickel. He wrote up contract and I arranged credit card with Home Depot and paid the total amount.

When they came to do the work I was told all they do is install the shower vanity and toilet and will be done in 2 days, I am responsible for rest. I explained that was not the agreement. While looking at the things they brought I saw they did not bring the toilets I wanted.

When the salesman came by and told me that is the way it is. I reminded him of our agreement and how I wanted to work with one company and not several. He told me he made a video of what was to be done and sent a letter. I did not receive the letter and do not want a back dated one. I do not need to see video. I do not like it when I am lied to and I expect him to keep our agreement that we shook hands on or do I need to get an attorney involved; I paid 24k and am not paying a penny more. Chad said no attorney he will see the work is done as agreed. I told him to make it happen. Later he informed me will send workman over to be sure would job is done, he will pay for it from his commission.

I received a call from someone claiming to be Chad's boss. I explained situation and that I expected Re-Bath to do the total job and Chad is seeing to it. He said just wanted to understand and this will be a training moment.

Re-Bath did not take any steps to reduce the dust they made and I am still cleaning it up. It is all over the house. They made a mess in my Basement and Garage and did not clean it up.

Job was completed Monday July 16,.

The finished bathrooms meet our approval.

However I would not recommend to anyone they use Home Depot or Re-Bath for a remodel.

Their sales tactics are either outright lies or deceptive.

The stress I had to face to get the job done was not worth it.

Today is August 8, 2018 I have had no follow up calls from Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Home Depot contract pretty much protects this kind of scam, they will "investigate" and it does not matter how unbelievable the crap ReBath is trying to justify, they throw you a few coins and expect you to go away.


If Home Depot was smart - they would stop using them, but they probably get a kick-back.