This company gender discriminates. They are male chauvinists. I've dealt with several contractors and trades people before, and I've never seen this:

So I want a guest bathroom remodel. I called to schedule an appointment for ReBath people to come out for an estimate, and they said my husband has to be there for the appointment. They _refused_ to come out for an estimate unless my husband is there - they literally said 'it's our condition"!

Their argumentation was "we need to know that there is a possibility of the project going forward". Which implies there is no possibility if my husband is not there. As in a wife alone is incapable of making decisions. Or do they think I'm am shopping for a bathroom remodel secretly, without my husband knowing? Either way, you see how insulting it is. Can you believe it? I could not.

_I_ need the bathroom redone, _I_ make the decision which contractor to choose, I have a job, I earn just as much money as my husband does. I'm not some stay-at-home slave who has to ask for her husband's permission to spend a penny.

My husband can't care less about this bathroom, he is not gonna take time off work to stay at home only to meet some contractor we might not even hire after all!!

Of course I'm gonna move on and talk to another company who would not try to inconvenience my husband or me just because they can't think of a woman alone making decisions, But I had to share this experience here. It's unbelievable - it's 21st century, and there is a company out there who would not even talk to you about an estimate, unless there is a husband present.

And it's a bull*** that they could charge for an estimate - I know and you know - because we all shop on Angie's list - that all reputable contractors provide free estimates. When you are about to drop upwards of $20k on a project, they are happy to drive over for free and bid on it. Without insulting a customer.

Location: Houston, Texas

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If it was reversed and your husband would have called they still would not have set up an appointment unless you were going to be there as well. If the house was only in your name it would have been ok, but they need all people present who owns the house.

Sounds like they didn't do a very good job explaining it to you.

Also to be more efficient they would like all parties interested present because there is so much to cover in a short period. Usually out of respect for your husband and or wife even if you would have liked everything you looked at while the consultant was at your residence your response would have been "I will get with my husband and call you back" typically if a purchase is less than 1000.00 it is not necessary to talk t of your significant other but when you are talking about making an investment in your home for 10000.00 to 20000.00 I personally don't know anyone, man or woman who would respectfully make that decision without having a discussion about it first.


I defiantly am not standing up for them, but they probably would not have come out to see your husband either if you were not going to be there. The reason they want both of you there is so they can sign a deal while in your home.

This is the way most of these in-home sales companies work

After being in the cabinet and remodeling business for over twenty years my suggestion would be look in the yellow pages under Kitchen and Bath remodelers as call a local custom cabinet builder. Buying from a custom builder not only will give you a MUCH better product but also something built especially for your space and your ideas.

Believe it or not most of the time you will save money.