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The salesman lied right at the beginning saying we had moisture damage behind the wall of newly remodeled bathroom ony used for 3 weeks. There was no moisture or damage at all.

Before you ask we just purchased the home and the wife wanted a jet tub which led to this nightmare. They told us they could not save our tile walls because they had to fix the the moisture damage. There was none, dry as a bone. We told them we wanted are tub saved because it was a brand new tub, so they put it in the work order.

The day the installers came out the the head installer said first thing i am not taking the time to try and save your tub, o won't be back here tomorrow because i am going deer hunting and if it gets ruined which it most likely will it is what it is. Its only a cheap home depot tub. We told the salesman when we were talked into the the wall coverings because we could not aford their tile price that this is a older house and that shower area probably isn't square. No problem he said, we are tearing it all out and redoing it everything down to the studs.

It will look great. The installer damged the tub badly like he said and ask us with a smile if we still wanted it smh. The hole time he was here we had to hear how *** this looked and how *** that was, talking about our house then heard abot the nice homes in east lake he did. Sorry i am a wounded veteran and cannot aford a 300,000 dollar plus home to impress you or anyone else.

Spent alot of time checking his trail cams for deer and talking on the phone about his hunting trip the next day, time that could of spent on saving our tub. They did give us a bew one. The edges of the shower walls did not match up at all. They broke out a peice of drywall and just used silicone to put it back, they broke one of the tiles right where the old tub was and said i didnt do that it is not my fault.

So they put a bulky plastic trim peice to cover the broken tile. The 4 inch plastic trim on the floor gets very wet along with the rest of the floor because the cutain rod is to low. Every time i shower i need 2 towels, one for me and the other for the floor. I have had 17 operations on one leg and knee and one on the other.

I told them this is a slip hazard for me. 2 other installers came out and said they would try to find a tile match, fix the wall coverings so you could see the uneven edges filled with caulk and everyon saw. Everyone who saw our install the first thing they said was what happened when they put up the walls. Yeah.

The next installer comes out to fix it and was not one of the 2 who original came out and had no clue how to fix it and tried calling the installers who were out to find out 4 or 5 times with luck. I explain to him what they said. Instead of coming back after knowing he proceeds with the work. One piece of cover up trim he got right, the other 2 are on tje total opposite and are not doing what it was suppose to do and that was cover up the mess up.

Nope made it twice as bad now. The one installer said he couldn't find a tile match but had a couple other options for us which we never heard. When tje second installer was working at removing the 4 inch plastic trim off the floor he broke another tile and did all this to put the same trim back on but this one sits lower, instead of being a inch off the floor it is around a half inch but still 4 inches wide and still a slip hazard for me. Its only there to cover the broken tile so we do not cut our feet.

Now our 10,000 dollar job looks like *** and they say they are done even though i have a 100% guarantee and warranty on installation and all material and parts. Here are photos of the first try and second try. There is still blood on my wall the second installer left on there.

I think he cut his self trying to get up the plastic trim that had 2 inches of adhesive on it. And instead of eaning up their mess they just blew it into the corners of my porch whick was just deck overed and is all marked up from materails that where laid or drop on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Shower Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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