Re- Bath of Dover NJ. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!

We contracted this company in late March to install a new tub liner. We were told at that time that it would take approx. 5 weeks to "special order" the supposedly custom measured materials. Then we were told that installation was to be 1 day.

The salesperson told us that by mid-May at the latest we would have our liner installed. Mid May came and went with no contact from the company. Finally we called and were told that the parts hadn't come in yet and that in shouldn't take too much longer. OK....it's past the date that we expected to be done with this but we are reasonable people...we'll wait.

Now it's late May and still no communication. I call again. Guess what the final part just arrived this morning with todays delivery. Great I say, when can we get it installed?

What's that you say? The earliest is 2 weeks from now? Well OK. That's way past schedule but what the heck.

So now it's June 8th.

The day of installation...finally. I arrange to take the day of from work. Half an hour before the appointment the service guy calls with some bad news. Tells me that they don't have the right tub.

They have a left side drain and mine is a right side drain. So now I flip out. Have the owner call me. He does.

I flip out on him too. That's not who I am in general but this company has got me so *** pissed off that I can't control myself. Owner is a decent guy but *** it this is totally unnacceptable. They have had our money now for over 2 1/2 months and we have squat to show for it.

The owner wants to call around to see if he can procure another tub but I have had enough of this ***. I ask him to return our money and he agrees.

If we don't get the check by the end of the week I have no problem with taking them to court. Hopefully they will follow through this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

Location: Plainsboro, New Jersey

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Went by their today. Mail is piled up against the door, and a Ups receipt is on the front door from November 4th, 2011.

Looks like they didn't have the real business sense and capability to stay open.

In the future I would advise to never mess with someones employment opportunities.

That someone could put a report on ripoffreport.com and ruin you. NFWM.


Rebath north jersey.

They have a huge mark-up in cost. Everything they say is a designed sales pitch.

Do not buy the same night they come to your house. They will lower the price again and again.


I had a need for changing a downstairs bathroom from a tub to a shower for my 84 year old father so I did a little research on the web and contacted 3 traditional remodeling contractors.

Now I may not be the average person here in this day and age of bargain shopping but I would never have anyone work on my house that wasn't licensed, bonded and insured, call me crazy I guess. So I had the "traditional" remodeling comanies out and let me tell you It's not easy getting a firm estimate from anyone, it's more of a verbal thing that they will put on paper if the price doesn't scare you away. Bottom line is bathrooms are not cheap to remodel if you use quality products. The average cost by the traditional remodelers was over 15K with a low cost of $13,200 and this was just for the shower area, no cabinetry was needed because my house is still relatively new at only 7 years old. The Rebath representative came out, gave me a price of $8,000 and change and a month later came out and replaced my tub with a shower in 2 days.

It's a great looking bathroom and easy to clean and I was more than happy to get away from the tile I have had my whole life.

If you are looking to get a bathroom on the cheap I guess you can do it yourself or get some out of work so called "contractor" to do it but to me a bathroom is not a place to skimp. I am in the real estate industry and cant tell you how many times a client has had a water leak to deal with.

I'm sure any company has horror story's people can talk about but I just want to say that I had a great experience and will and have recommended Rebath to friends and family. Most of the time people ask me who did my bathroom because it looks so nice. And lastly the installers were competent and respectful of my home and family during their two days of work.

I just had to throw my 2 cents in from a satisfied customer.


Aimee, you might want to wander down the hallway and ask Dave Sanders about an smoking email the owner of the Rebath dealership where I worked forwarded me where Sanders states "Rebath is a marketing company.....sell it and worry about installing it latter....it will always get done but it may not be on time …. you have their deposit so they (the customer) are not going anywhere." Your statements makes you appears to be naive or deceitful or both. Regards


Wekk I would like to thank you all for you r honet comments. My wife and I are tryinf to get our bathrooms done in the most inexpensive way we can and still get quality work as much as we can..( I know those two probably dont go together but we did some looking around).

We saw the tv commercial for RE BATH and said "Wow that looks like it culd be something to mull over." we said to each other. So I searched the rebath and sawthe website BUT also below it I saw the hater site for this company also. So I looked at that first and after reading like ...20 complaints with what appears to be thousands more, we saw enough. I am greatful that there are people out ther willing to share their stories and try to help others to avoid the same mistakes.

Now everything about this company ,...on their site sounds great (of course!) but the complaints far outweigh the good they try to advertise.

On behalf of my wife, thank you all so much for sharing and I am sorry that you all had to go thru what you did. This is a huge reason that a lot of things that products and services get outsourced now a days....there simply isnt that much great quality in American Companies anymore. I would definately pay more for American made products but only if they had the pride and exceptional quality we were all used to before we started to use other countries to do the poor quality for us.

Again, I thank you all and again I am sorry u had to endure the things you did.

My wife and I are still researching and have decided to stay FARRRRRR away from Re-Bath.


Joseph and Joe, I am with Re-Bath corporate. We are a bathroom remodeler first and foremost.

Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality bathroom remodeling while minimizing installation time. We train our staff to ensure customer questions and concerns are addressed by knowledgeable staff, and that our installers have the expertise they need to provide great service.

Your comments about cost are misleading, as they do not account for product differentiation. Our custom-developed Durabath SSP product is designed to resist the effects of wear, providing homeowners with a beautiful bathroom for years.


I worked for Bathfitter and Rebath and if done wrong you can have some serious problems! Bathfitters has a one piece wall and they use tape behind the walls and with heat it will peel away .Rebath has a better system but most there installers are not factory trained....

So just keep that in mind. I have installed over 1300 hundred of these bathtub and wall systems .

I now have my own business and i have mastered this product and never have ANY problems. There has not been a customer who will give me a bad review :)



all bathtub liners are individually fabricated, rebath corporate ships seven to ten days after order, if the franchisee is really busy or really broke they may push up the installation date, most of the probably order only once or twice a month at best


Joseph, you know what goes on behind the curtain. Are you a recovering Rebath franchisee, that in itself is a story?

Yes, Rebath is as they consider themselves to a marketing company with the attitude of "sell it and we will worry about installing it latter." If the customer is looking for a skilled tradesman than they should not be looking at mass marketed franchise products and then crying that it is not custom or installed properly. NO more than going to Costco and complaining that the sales clerk does not know anything about the products he is selling. The difference of course Costco will usually get you a better price than a full service company. Rebath will cost more than a fully trained and competent tradesman.

It takes for example about 10,000 hours of classroom and OJT to become a master plumber and Rebath will train anyone in just one week to be a certified installation tech. The wonder is that anything is installed properly.


Rebath has been creating irate customers for years. The company has proudly proclaimed itself to be a "sales and marketing company" - which should tell you absolutely everything you need to know.

They do extensive sales training, including supplying every local franchise with a "sales system" revolving around a "one-call close" (which means: high pressure sale).

They provide almost no operational training, and do not monitor who their local franchisees hire to do the actual work. Nor do they care.

For years, they have advised franchisees to "make the sale, and worry about any problems later - hopefully their won't be any."

Sounds like any other company you've heard of?

BP comes to mind

Also Enron

This is one of the worst companies in the United States. It's not really a scam; the product they offer 'can' be useful. However, the company is managed to not care about customers or the quality of its work - everything is focused on "get the check."

Then when problems occur, the parent company (in arizona); simply says "it's the fault of the local franchisee" and doesn't get involved. Not surprised. They obviously don't care about anything but revenue.

It seems more people are realizing this. Too bad it took so long


Rebath fired their vp of operations (Norm Hurdley) last week.

Things must be getting ugly


We signed a contract with Rebath in Tenn. and was told that it would take about six weeks to get our shower remodeled and install a new shower mixer because they had to custom make the shower walls.

The salesman measured and even came back out to remeasure the walls with an installation person. We called around the eighth week and was told that we would have to wait a little longer to get it and it would be in any time. We called each week to check on this and at twelve weeks they finally showed up to install their product. There was nothing custom about the walls.

They measured and cut the panels at our home. I asked the young man who was putting in the walls and he told me that these were shower walls that they have in inventory and he just took it from the stack that morning. These people just lie to create a fanasty that you are getting something that is custom made when it is just standard materials. I should have stopped them as soon as I realized what was going on.

The owner told me that the "custom" part of the "custom" installation was how they fitted the walls to mine since houses are not build square. This is just a load. I build this house and as an engineer I made sure that ever thing was perfectly square in this house and it still was square even aftet twenty-five years. The walls were not cut straight and to cover it up they just put a big bead of caulk.

I was waiting for an inspector from the city to inspect this work the mixer and when I called the city there was no permit which is needed anytime plumbing work is done. Rebath just doesn't know what they are doing and for what they charged me I demand a professional job from professional people.

I did not get that from Rebath. I have demanded my money returned and given them thirty days.


This place is a utter failure.

Get your money and run far away.

The new owners are a complete joke.

I hope you didn't pay anymore than $2,300 for the rebath system. They have thousands of dollars in markup.