i called rebath of baton rouge about a job in the paper.

after talking fora while the owner ron tells me because i have a beard that i must shave it off because all studys show that people with faceshall

hair are untrust werthy, thats when i walled out i was well dressed hair & beard well trimmed guess abrham lincon can't work here ether? if they had

another reason why i was not fit for the job maybe it would make cens but this the stupdiest thing i ever heard of and the way they told methey do there work sounds halfass anyway don't wont my name on it.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Could be the fact that almost every word in your post is misspelled. Every phone and computer has spellcheck.


Spell fail!!!


I can see the reason you don't want your name on it is because you probably couldn't spell it! you do know this site has spell check.

I wouldn't want you working for me either! :grin


What you are not be considering in Baton Rouge English is not a first language.


As a franchise owner, I would have some reservations about hiring someone who had trouble stringing together the most basic of sentences without glaring punctuation, syntax and spelling errors. If you have such a problem with everyday communication, I would have to think your shortcomings would also be revealed in your installation abilities.


The person probably had a job and was looking for a better one. After all the hype from Rebath, he probably wanted to see it for himself before taking a leap into the depth. He seems to have had a estimate from Rebath to determine the suitability of the company and himself but during the process begin to feel sorry for the salesman for attempting to sell an over priced yet cheap product to a thinking consumer.


I am confused by your post. Were you getting an estimate or were you in a job interview?


I was thinking about working for Rebath but I did a little shopping on my own and found they areTremendously overpriced. High pressure salesmen, more like flim-flam artists and snake oil salesmen than building contractors.

To hear them tell it they have the best of everything in the way of building materials that exists in the world. Nobody else has anything as good as theirs. I listened to his shtick, then was quoted approximately $7,500 to replace a shower stall. I’m sitting there wondering if I have “fool, or ***” on my forehead.

I found it difficult to believe the man thought I was *** enough to pay that kind of money for a small shower stall. I thanked the man and told him I wanted to get additional quotes from local building contractors. Man, was he pizzed. He got all red in the face and started throwing his stuff together to get out of the house.

He told me how much he had to drive that day just to get to presentations and he didn't sell either one. Rebath rides him on the cost of the lead and he said that they are not even qualifited.

I would advise anyone to steer clear of Rebath. TO work there or buy the product.


When I went to work for them they promised an over six figure jobs. But the qualified leads turned out to those you get by standing around in Home Depot for twelve hours a days seven days a week to get maybe one lead that will close which made my pay about mim wage.

Which I then found out was just the history of this company. I latter was told it was my fault that the leads were not there so I quit and wanted to be paid for all those hours.

The state agreed with me. But winning at the labor board does not mean that you will ever see the money, I found it.


This guy really left himself open for ridicule. For 55,000/yr, I'd shave my head.


Maybe it's because you can't spell and your grammer is non existant....which probably reflects your level of edjucation and intelligance.


Ron I would like to read that source. the latest issue of The Journal of Marketing says the opposite.

I have also read that a salesman who is too well groomed or over dressed to considered un trust worthy. Consumers have an expectation of the person so a workman should look like a workman.


I'm the guy who owns the company who demands that ALL employees are 'freshly shaven' every day. I did not say that " all studys show that people with faceshall

hair are untrust werthy". What I did say was that there are many studies that show that many people find other people with facial hair as being less trustworthy. As a sales/service residential remodeler, we need every advantage we can can get to differentiate ourselves from competition. I also told him he could keep his mustache, as long as it was neatly trimmed and cut at the crease of his lips.

While I showed him how we did our jobs, he kept saying how impressed he was with our proceedures.

The job he interviewed for pays about $55,000 per year. According to his application, that's about $25,000 more then he is currently making!


I cannot believe that someone would complain about someones choice on running his company. There is a standard that my company has: no smoking, no drinking, no drugs etc.

If you have police problems keep moving. If there is something that I cannot put my finger then I will just pass.


I once held a management position with a company that did not allow beards for their employees. This is any company's prerogative, to demand a certain standard of appearance for their employees, including the requirement that males be clean shaven.

Your complaint is a non sequitur. :sigh

If you are looking for a job during this period of high unemployment, my advise to you is to become a loyal customer to Mr.

Gillette or Mr. Schick.


Perhaps, it was you complete lack of spelling ability or grasp of the English language.:x Doesn't everyone's computer automatically spell check everything these days? :eek


abrham lincon??? :sigh