Been looking online the past couple of days for some info about updating our bathroom. Sooo glad I saw this as well as read the other two Rebath reviews about this guy, as Re-Bath was at the top of our list (notice I said WAS).

I'm telling you right now: Some huge loud old man rolls up in a CORVETTE (WTF is up with that???!!!) and requires my husband to seal the deal I probably would throw him out on his ear (that is - if I even let him in in the first place LOL!!!)

One has to wonder what kind of company Rebath is to have someone of his ilk representing them. If I was the owner I'd have told him to hit the pike long ago!!

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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To "you are a half wit", if you read the post I don't think they were complaining about anything just making a commentary and an observation based on someone else's post which they have every right to do.

I don't believe for a minute that everyone on here is a competitor, maybe some but clearly not the majority and I'll tell you why: The guy everyone is bashing has come on this website himself acting EXACTLY like everyone said he did!!! In other words, he has personally proved them right with his own actions!!!! I'll even bet that you, "half wit", are him yourself.

I happen to agree with Lisa. Anybody who shows up driving a flashy corvette trying to sell me a POS bathtub liner has issues and something to prove. I'll even bet he's fat and middle-aged!!


My way of thinking is Rebath must have probelems in general with just about everyone that comes into contact with them. I think then that it is worthy to be posted.

The one that is an idot is the who person who forewarned would do business either as an employee, vendor, or customer with them. There is an adage "What goes around comes around." That makes sense doesn't it.


The car he drives it what you have to complain about? You are writing a complaint and you never even saw the guy!

What right do you have to ***? You did not get bad service, you did not get a bad product, and you did not get ripped off!! What is your problem? This site has turned into a place for competitors to bash one another and disgruntled employees who do not have a lick of sense to beat on old employers.

To the guy that got bent over your an idoit, if you did not know what you were getting into its your own fault. Noone cares that you got ripped off because your dumb.

Maybe you have not reached half wit status yet, maybe you are only a quarter wit? Never the less the two of you posting here have no right to complain.


Rebath Franchise in Orlando Florida Stiffs Former Employee With Debt

Rebath Complaint by Bent Over

You were reading a complaint about Rebath.

Filing a new complaint about

Rebath of Central Florida, owned by Richard Sasto, sold to another individual in a asset sale only. Richard Sasto, franchise owner of Rebath of Central Florida, walked away from paying his companies debts after the sale.

Thousands of Dollars in materials purchased and supplied to customers homes was never paid for. Richard Sasto owns another Rebath Franchise in Long Island, New York. People should be made aware that He may not pay for materials in New York and customers could have liens placed on there homes by suppliers and workers. Rebath of Central Florida, stiffed one of his former employees with default judgement in the amound of $18,500.00 plus court cost, and attorney fees. The employee was kind enough to sign a credit application for Richard Sasto, since Richard Sasto was a absentee owner. The debt is due to Scripps Publication, parent company for Florida Today Newspaper. Richard Sasto took the profit from the sale of the Rebath of Central Florida sale and skipped out on this debt and thousands of dollars more. Rebath has a very bad reputation of doing this type of thing ikt is all over the internet. And there installations are of poor quality.

Again you can see it all over the internet. This guy Richard Sasto still qualifies Rebath of Mid Florida with his Master Plumbing license and the person harmed by the debt is seeking that the State of Florida revoke Richard Sastos Master Plumbing License in the State of Florida. Rebath Corporate knows of this debt problem and states, ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM.

Yet Richard Sasto is a Rebath Franchise Holder still in Long Island New York.

Richard Sasto should be made to pay off this debt or have his New York franchise taken away. What kind of Franchise owners are you allowing Dave Sanders? Force Richard Sasto to pay the debt.


must have been Rebath of Long Island, a real first class guy runs that place. Heard he is a real dead beat......his name is Richard Sasto